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Healer Episode 12

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Mun-ho is furious at his brother for coming to visit Someday News. Jeong-hu meets one of his father's close friends. (Source: Netflix)
  • Aired: January 13, 2015

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Feb 20, 2016

Be safe teacher!

Nope it did not take long for Moon Shik to connect the dots. Poor Healer. For the love of a woman!

What a ride I like that Yeong Shin almost figures it out. But is loyal to her man. Ha-ha!

But I think it's finally getting to that time. Everyone else is figuring out who he is, it's about time! I'm dying for Yeong Shin's reactions.

Also I'm baffled by Mono Ho. I don't think he had a hand in what happened. Is his guilt only from digging into the truth and staying quiet?

Great buildup! It's so well orchestrated. I love that Myung Hee is starting to come into the present. Her faith in Moon Shik is shaken. All I can say be safe teacher Yeong Jae! Kick butt.

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