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Both stories follow a man who prefers to stay in the shadows, with a much larger plan in life. Though they are both driven by dark pasts each one just wants to finish things and live peacefully. They each meet a woman who they feel a strong need to protect which will eventually broaden their horizons to what in life is really worth the effort. The chemistry in both drama's s really great. And lets be honest, both Ji Chang Wook and Lee Min Ho are GREAT kissers. The shows both have a great deal of action and mystery, though I don't feel like in either its is over played, there feels like a nice balance between action scenes and character and plot development scenes.
Recommended by Ashlynn
Although the beauty that is Healer can never be compared to DOTS, I feel that these dramas are strikingly similar. Firstly Healer is saving people's lives, or destroying them, which is comparable to Si Jin. Additionally, they would do anything to protect the one's they love and thus are in pain (several) if not many times for said people. There is also a lack of a love triangle in both dramas allowing for the main characters to develop their relationship without a third party interfering. This is important as viewers are more connected and embellished into the relationship of the characters and feel the emotions they feel. There is also an abundance of politics thrown into the mix with a sprinkle of betrayal. Overall these dramas are quite difficult to compare since they address different topics but overall have similar elements thus making Healer enjoyable for any DOTS fan. Happy viewing.
Recommended by Ela
They've got the same main actor. Both shows give a similar vibe. The K2 has less comedy tho.
Recommended by AvianBlack
Felt it similar.
Both r having strong fields of thriller romance and some revenge.
I even thought that both the lead male had very much similarity in some where. Try it ..
Recommended by Anjaly
Though Healer doesn't have a personality disorder, but he has to disguise himself to accomplish some missions....
Bickering romance, mystery, thriller & comedy... The music is too die for as well....
Recommended by jinja b
Just can't get enough of Jii Chang Wook. Plus that show was amaze balls and I couldn't stop binge watching
Recommended by NOJAMZ
The male main lead are both disguise to save people. Tho, Healer contains more romantic scenes than Bridal Mask, but either are great drama and worth to watch!
Recommended by Sayyy
Both have hacking involved and deal with main characters who are trying to find the truth about something. Also, both main characters are badass.
Recommended by KdramaAddict27
Great leads. Love the depiction of inner struggles. Some parts I like I remember you better than Healer. Healer too far away from real life. It gives me heartaches. I remember you has less romantic gimmicks. More realistic. More possible in real life. I love the way - the male lead is cooking and taking care of his brother and the female lead. Story resolve itself very nicely to my sorry. I almost gave up in the beginning but got better and better.
Recommended by CJ2516
Both dramas involve leads that have their lives intertwined by what happened in the past. Both had male leads that have secrets kept from the female lead. The male leads falls for the female leads despite not so remarkable or favorable impression of the female lead at first.

Both secrets from the past are gradually revealed providing new twist. Although, hotel kings plot twist seemed more long and winding.
The male lead will do anything to protect the female lead

The best part of both dramas is the chemistry between the actors who played the OTP .
Recommended by couchpotato_md
both have a very interesting plot and SoundTrack both are legendary after watching the drama you will know, there is so much action on all two dramas.

Recommended by Sani
In both dramas, the protagonist hides his real identity from the girl he loves.
Recommended by hanjimin
The plot is mainly about revenge , but in Healer the revenge part is developed within the episodes and not from the beggining. It gives the same vibe and the lead female is the same in both dramas.
Recommended by Gabriella