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Healer Episode 11

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Back home from work, Mun-ho discovers that there’s been an intruder and receives a call from a restricted number asking about what happened in 1992. (Source: Netflix)
  • Aired: January 12, 2015

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Feb 20, 2016

You go girl!

That date! First off all props to my girl Yeong Shin! It might have been a crush and silly confession that her heart is too full. But she went out and got what she wanted! No silliness. Yeong Shin knows what, whom, she wants and goes for it!

The writers did a fantastic job with the date. Yeong Shin accepted the limitations and he gave her his answer. Not to mention that hand hold. It was more powerful than the kiss. The slow slide and finger weave. Yeong Shin in the light and Healer in the dark. Even with out facing each other or gazing into each others eyes the chemistry was off the charts! All of these tension is killing me.

It was also a relief to hear what Healer said about Yeong Shin being the woman to go to his island. She might be mad and hit him at first but she would understand. She'd dance it off. It's so magical how well these two know each other, and that the writing has created that type of knowledge. Three dimensional characters. (I know I keep saying it, but I can't help it.)

With all the storylines going I truly thought at some point a character line or a plot thread would be dropped. But it's all coming together beautifully. I'm curious to see who's "side" each character is going to take. Where in the event of things they'll be left standing. I'm pretty sure I know what really happened. But I'm curious about The Elder and how he fits in. Not to mention how Healer's and Moon Ho's alliance will hold up. Especially now that they're tentatively trusting each other.

Not to mention what's going to happen with Moon Shik wanting to own Healer. Healer really puts his face out there this episode. With Myung Hee having "recognized" him and tossing his father's name out it's all easy steps for Moon Shik to make the connections. Especially with Healer's actions at the end of the episode.

HIs passion is moving, but I'm so nervous!

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Jan 14, 2015

Every Scene Gives You a Heart Attack!!!

First off, the face to face encounter between Moon Ho and Jung Hoo. Then Jung Hoo reveal his face as a Healer for the sake of information of his father's death. Then Moon Ho started to remember Jung Hoo. And for me the best scene was the date between Yeong Shin and Healer but it so painful and at the same time it so damn romantic. I'm seriously about to cry when Yeong Shin, did all the things on date like eating and walking ALL ALONE! But the moment inside the theater make me giggle and smile. Healer grab Yeong Shin hand for a seconds and then good bye. It so sad to see Healer's eyes on that moment because he can't reveal his self to Yeong Shin.

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