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Healer Episode 2

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The Healer's current assignment involves both Moon Ho and Young Shin.
  • Aired: December 09, 2014

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Feb 18, 2016

Love that father-daughter moment.

So it's still questionable who is who, and what exactly is going on. But I think I'm getting the gist. I'm betting rewatching the first two episodes might help, but I don't believe in doing that. Things will pull together. But it's confirmed that Healer as a "Night Courier" steals/obtains items that his clients want. Whether it's for good or bad, as long as he doesn't have to kill anyone.

I actually like Yeong Shin a lot. I just wish she was a bit more slick. But I guess she was learning her trades from failed convicts. Ha! I love that she has this darker past, but she's found happiness and she's so joyful!

It fits well with the tone of the show. Healer has hints of darkness, but overall it's fun. This episode made me smile a lot! Especially with the morning dance scene between Yeong Shin and her father. It was so awesome.

It's also a great setup how Yeong Shin ended up with that picture and now Jung Hoo (AKA Healer) is going to want to find out how she got that picture of him. Not to mention the setup that Healer is being blamed for a murder. Is it someone framing him, or a coincidence that his name was on the dead man he was getting the package from? The plot thickens.

Overall I'm still liking this drama. The music is great and I love the cinematography. While the side characters past and how they're all connected now is muddy, it is compelling. Overall I like the characters and I'm curious as to where this story is going to go. Not to mention that Jung Hoo is an impressive character. Seeing him as a weird awkward guy as he tried to get information was impressive. I think I'm going to like this actor.

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