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Healer Episode 3

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As the Healer gets closer to Young Shin, he continues to wonder how she knows about him and why.
  • Aired: December 15, 2014

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Feb 18, 2016

Was that Hug?

What a tangled web! Things are starting to clear up. The flashbacks continue off and on, but not enough to over power the story. I like the overlay that they do to transition from past to present. The style is growing on me and it's not so hard to follow.

The leads are very compelling and I'm definitely enjoying it. It's very interesting watching them interact. Especially as Healer is playing that goofy role to get close to Young Shin. (And I'm going to keep referring to him as Healer because he goes by a lot of names so far. It will be easier this way.)

The tabloid story that Young Shin is working on after helping that woman is very compelling. It's a tragic story and sadly becoming a common tale for women. Not just aspiring actresses. I wonder how things will pan with Young Shin doing the research? Not to mention what's going on with the Jian group?

Very compelling and again I can't say how much I love the action in this drama. This most be what it's supposed to look like! The scenes where he was jumping on the roofs in pursuit was amazing! The camera crew did a wonderful job.

It's official actor Ji Chang Wook as Healer is killing it.

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