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Healer Episode 7

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Mun-sik orders a background check on Yeong-sin to see if she was adopted. Mun-ho tasks Bong-su with uncovering Hwang Je-guk's licentious private life. (Source: Netflix)
  • Aired: December 29, 2014

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Feb 19, 2016

"Jun Seok? Who is that? "

"Do you believe in the power of everlasting love? We can make it if we stay together."

Ha-ha! Healer's mentor wants to make the moves on Yeong Shin, too funny! The way he was talking about her and making plans to swoop in once Healer was gone just made my day. Poor Yeong Shin she has no idea how man people are watching her . . . and wanting her. All for different reasons.

The mystery of Healer's father is tantalizing. Not to mention Yeong Shin's. Obviously there's going to be huge dramatic reveal that crashes Yeong Sin and Healer's budding romance. Or some where down they're romance line.

The dirty side of the news is very interesting. But I also like how the writers are making a commentary on how the news and law can come hand in hand. They affect each other. More importantly in law and news the rich can make it out. But the lower class get lost and screwed over in the outcome.

What I'm baffled about is the last episode I thought Healer was having his lackey steal the car so that he could jump in as the "driver" and show everyone that Bong Soo couldn't be Healer. And now this episode he is using his lackey for a bait and switch! Darn it! Wasted opportunity.

Yeah! Finally Healer does some breaking and entering. It was about time!

(Now excuse me while I try to find that song! "My Eternal Love". Also, looking for Jun Seok in the cast page didn't help me find the name. Who is that?!)

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