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Healer Episode 6

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Young Shin's story is turning out to be a bigger handful than she ever expected. Healer learns that someone is out to get him.
  • Aired: December 23, 2014

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Feb 19, 2016

Of Idols and Crushes.

Well this was an amazing turn of events!! Moon Ho has guts, and I'm so nervous to find out if he really has done something wrong. I love the idea of him mentoring Yeong Shin. So Moon Ho cooks and buys up whole companies to get his way! Swoons.

But that wasn't the best part. Healer and Yeong Shin have such chemistry. When she was talking about her crushes it was so cute. Healer's facial expressions where all kinds of awesome.

The more I, and Healer, get to know Yeong Shin I really like her. She's so well realized. It's a true treat to have such a three dimensional character as the female lead!

I'm pretty positive I know who everyone in the picture is now! I have some ideas of what may have happened, but the writers are playing their cards close to their chests. The mystery is definitely my favorite part of this show. Not enough is given to reveal everything.

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Feb 5, 2015

Oh How cute they are!!!

I kept repeating the scene where Yeong shin was talking about her lovers over and over again, it was the cutest scene till now :D his facial expressions were awesome!!
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