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Both dramas are stories of revenge. The series surrounds the fulfillment of revenge for a beloved person who died violently when the main characters were younger. The stories' conclusions are reminiscent of each other. Ikuta Toma also stars in both dramas.
Recommended by GigiRedbird
If you like wonderful mystery dramas, you will like it.

Both are surprising japanese TV dramas with great plot twist in the end.
Recommended by MareSoares
They're both about traumatic pasts and its effect on the main characters. They're both dark and psychologically complex! (love them both)
Recommended by wolfgirl9
Both japanese dramas are really complex and have a great plot about suspense.
Recommended by MareSoares
Those two dramas...taste the same, I should say.

In Ouroboros, two childhood friends choose different paths to avenge a loved one: one a path of light, the other a path of darkness. They are compaired to an Ouroboros, two dragons biting each other's tail, symbol of eternity and harmony of light and darkness.

In Orthros no Inu, two men are connected by a mysterious bond: one is a good man cursed with the power to kill by one touch, the other is a criminal blessed with the power to heal with one touch. They are compared to Orthros Dog, a two faced dog, one good, one evil, bound together by destiny.
Recommended by Juniko
Both are about children who witness the cruel death of people they love, and who promise to avenge them once they grow up.
Recommended by Juniko
Both are dark, mysterious dramas, with plot turning upside-down; great cast, more 'adult dramas'
Recommended by Klaudia
Both revolve around an old case the main character trying desperately to solve, have many flashbacks about the characters when they were kids, corruption within police, tragedy and Hirosue Ryoko.
Recommended by Mei86

- Corrupt politicians
- Dark side of police force
- Broken main characters
- Well developed and constructed characters
- Well developed and constructed plot
- Main characters aren't saints
- Oguri Shun is in both
- Amazing action scenes
Recommended by Matrix
Both of them has a dark side of police force.
Each episode add clues for main plot.
Recommended by chatchalita
Both dramas follow the tale of protagonists who dedicate their life (aka career) to taking down a criminal who wronged them during childhood. Very fast paced and entertaining!

Hanzawa Naoki is set in the banking industry but the story is intense, shocking, and exciting to the very last episode just like Ouroboros. There isn't as much physical action mainly because Ikuo and Tatsuya were at actual crime scenes most of the time, but I believe anyone can enjoy Hanzawa Naoki's story.
Recommended by Mitsukirox101
Oguri Shun and similar detective story. Cracking cases together and finding to catch the killer of a loved one
Recommended by strangr
Both of these drama have a darker feel. They are based on popular seinen mangas. Each features lead characters that take justice into their own hands by dealing in the crime underworld.
Recommended by Elle
Both deal with smart, butt-kicking detectives that will do almost anything to catch the criminal. Also, the male leads in each have a hidden, dark past.
Recommended by pigtails4ever
Both have a similar plot where the death of someone close to them causes the main characters to seek revenge. As the story progresses, the characters begin to learn more about the past and the events behind their loved one's death, and the only people they can trust are each other.
Recommended by yourwildmoon