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Both are about mystery, you'll realize soon enough they are similar, cliffhangers and plot-twist in every episode.
Recommended by Gummy
Both dramas are full of suspense and in both dramas you'll find out the whole, real truth at the end and it probably will be unexpected
Recommended by sotashi
Great acting and similar plot of a secret and the pursuit of the truth.
Recommended by monadproxy
These dramas share the same production team as well as a basis in the novels of Minato Kanae. Each deals with overlapping themes in a different way, though their atmospheres are similar.
Recommended by mysecretsoul
they have similar storylines. They start off with a death, in this case, it was the death of a couple, but in Sunao it is the death of an individual. Both dramas are about trying to find the reason behind the death. There are a group of friends involved in both cases. And the bonds that form and grow are so deep! The cast is amazing in both shows and each secret unfolds in an interesting way. Both shows will keep you hooked for the entire duration.
Recommended by Mica
Both have the same writer (novel writer) and just that fact was enough for me to watch N no Tame ni and I won't regre it, one of the best japanese dramas that I have ever seen
Recommended by mikachan
Both have a murder as a central plot
Both are great
Both have the same author (novel writer)
Recommended by mikachan
The atmosphere these two dramas give off is too alike. Mystery. It keeps you guessing. Addictive, wanna watch next episode ASAP, and painfully bearable at times. They both have the same actor Kento Kaku. If there's a Japanese word for Makjang (Korean), let me know what it is called. I don't think this genre of dramas is an equivalence to the Makjang genre in Korean dramas. This is in some ways alike Makjang but is added another ingredient on top. This is a type of J-dramas that I haven't known its term yet. It is more realistic than makjang and is added a Japanese society into it. It has a Japanese flavour, duh!
I find Makjang cheap, but the J-drama ones are made better.
Recommended by yuyamatsushitafan
1) Both are about mystery with flashback storyline.
2) Strong romance involved.
3) Both are about the pursuit of a certain name/people
Recommended by HAMEX
Both series have flashbacks from the past and a range of mysteries, which involve multiple characters and someone's death.
Recommended by LadyP0ny