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Birth of a Beauty Episode 4

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Keum Ran suspects a conspiracy behind her death, and enters the Lee household to investigate.
  • Aired: November 09, 2014

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Nov 11, 2014

Killer eyes!

Wow, there is so much that happens in this episode! At this point just completely forget what the show description is trying to sell you. Birth of a Beauty? What kind of title is that? This show is a mash up of so much stuff and this episode just blew me away.

Kang Joon is the handsome evil villain I've been dying for my K-drama. Evil, conniving, and no secret "good" side. One of the best lines about him:

"Don't say that people might think I'm a womanizer."
"Kang Joon, you are a womanizer."

Hopefully BoaB has the kahunas to stick this out for Kang Joon's development. With hints that Chae Yeon might be just as dastardly? And who has whom's fingers in which evil plot? Wow!

Considering that BoaB is not dragging things out at this point and last episode and this one keep the hits coming, I love it! No slowing down! However, I hope it can keep up this pace and not falter. There are 16 episodes left and plenty of time to fall into the dark space of filler.

This is the episode viewers should aim to reach, because you'll no whether or not this show is worth sticking out. BoaB has got my attention and I'm more then willing to follow it to what ever ending.
Especially after Sa Ra uses her evil eyes at the end there!

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