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Birth of a Beauty Episode 3

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Keum Ram tries to have a one-night stand with Kang Joo. Chae Yeon confronts her about her affair, and warns to back away.
  • Aired: November 08, 2014

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Nov 11, 2014

The plot thickens!

First off I have to confess in being really negative about this episode. Sa Ra's grand illusions about her "perfect husband" and not being able to find him at fault really weighed on me. Sa Ra was fast becoming a K-drama doormat, one that I didn't like. Until a 20 mins in a fellow viewer told me that Sa Ra hadn't lived with her husband in over 7 years. Meaning she didn't truly know the man and only had grand ideas in her head of what a wonderful and amazing Prince Charming he was. As this went through my mind I realized that Sa Ra is naive and from what viewers have seen she's all about thinking the best of people. Not the worst.

Once I realized that that this episode got a whole lot more interesting! Especially towards the end where Sa Ra might be doubting everything as a darker side of her tragic "accidental" death comes to light. Viewers get a more . . . dark and aggressive Lee Kang Joon foreshadowing beautifully that Sa Ra is married to a stranger and that she's just discovering things about him. Along with viewers, though we may have her one upped.

This episode incorporates business espionage, which I'm finding is a big thing in Asian dramas. There's some scary plots going on to take over the Winner group and Han Tae Hee character keeps getting more and more interesting! He knows he's the heir to the Winner company, yet what about all this mystery with his grandmother? How is Kang Joon entangled in this? And his picking Chae Yeon as his mistress an accident? Or some amazing-crazy plot devices in the future?

Overall if you can look past how you want this show to go, the development is finally happening. Sa Ra's naivety about life, and the man she thought was her Prince Charming, is slowly being shattered. Dangerous corporate espionage is being thrown into the mix, and the mystery of Han Tae Hee is build up nicely.

What started out as a quirky makeover drama with revenge against an unfiathful husband fast turning into the Korean Revenge?

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