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Birth of a Beauty Episode 9

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Keum Ran becomes a star on Chae Yeon's HBS show. Tae Hee tries to save his grandmother from prison.
  • Aired: November 29, 2014

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Feb 15, 2016

Phew, starting up again!

Wow, it has been over a year since I've watched this drama! But I fell right into Birth of a Beauty again. (Though my individual reviews helped smooth out some bumps.) Part of my reason for holding off was every time I went to start up BoaB again I thought it would be too much. But apparently I love crazy shows. Because I fell right into BoaB.

Kang Joon did get the flashing lights of justice, but I'm wondering how long it will stick. It didn't feel permanent. Plus, I have a feeling he will be out of jail for what is about to happen. Sa Ra's justice is meted out, maybe not fully finished. But she should be totally scared about what Chae Yeon is going to do. I'd be petrified if I knew my new wife was the one I had had an affair with, and KNEW I had disposed of my previous wife! Scary. But he just thinks he can steam roll her. Chae Yeon is quite smart and now that she's figured out hwo Sa Ra is I'm wondering how this is going to affect things. She wants her own vengeance. The fact that she can't see what Sa Ra is doing has right, is even creepier.

Chae Yeon now that her brother is outed makes me even more nervous. Because Chae Yeon might just be the most formidable foe!

The winner plot is coming into focus and I really like how Sa Ra comes on board for it. I knew she couldn't not help Tae Hee. Though in this episode I felt like a lot of their actions were sloppy. They're starting to leave a trail and as Tae Hee finally came out as the lost grandson that makes me super nervous. Min Hyeok has an interest in Sa Ra, and I have no doubt that this guy takes what he wants.

Tae Hee is so much fun. I think it's adorable watching him be so flustered about Sa Ra. The ending was amazing. But I'm not sure if Sa Ra is going to go with it. She still has things to do. But I know she likes Tae Hee. At least her reaction didn't look stunned, more annoyed. (I'm wondering if that's how she's supposed to look? Or slightly bad acting?)

Anywho I am so excited for the Winner plot to start up, and how things are going to progress with Chae Yeon knowing who Sa Ra is. Will she work against her brother? A man who looked out for her and loved her. I feel bad for Tae Hee It's been interesting watching him react to Chae Yeon's actions. I'm waiting for the big splash. At this point things can start to go really wrong for Sa Ra and Tae Hee. I really want to see them continuing plotting and succeeding! Vengeance! Yeah!

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