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Birth of a Beauty Episode 8

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Tae Hee and Keum Ran work together to get Kang Joo to confess to the murder. Han Min Hyuk becomes obsessed with finding "Sara".
  • Aired: November 23, 2014

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Nov 25, 2014

I LOVED this episode <3

I LOVED this episode especially the beginning^^
But I don't like Tae Hees idea of changing her identity again...I'd prefer if she stays who she is Geum Ran. Sure it's understandible that she has another name now for getting revenge and all and her name also fit an avil character more witch symbolises her 'transformation' into the 'bad' woman but I hope after everything ends she'll become Geum Ran again, bc deep inside her she still is this ahjumma :)
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Nov 25, 2014

Turning tables.

By next episode I'm hoping that the grand plot of Sa Ra getting revenge on Kang Joon finally comes with flashing lights! Because the evidence has been collected and retribution is upon him! However, Chae Yeon isn't just the evil mistress anymore. She's proving to be formidable as the table turn and Sa Ra isn't quite a secret anymore. It will be interesting to see how things play out. Will Chae Yeon run Kang Joon off the road and go for Sa Ra's throat?

Because there's only 12 more episodes left and with the Winner plot starting to come into focus, I am eager to see how this all plays out. Because in the end Birth of a Beauty hasn't had any dull moments. Nothing is being dragged out the plot is constantly moving. Characters are growing before our eyes.

Everything about Birth of a Beauty is building up! The romance, revenge, mystery--all of it! With Sa Ra suddenly becoming famous (yeah, I'm sure that video of her eating really would have done it ^_-), and now with her in Min Hyeok developing. Things are going to get messy for our revenge buddies.

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Nov 24, 2014

Sara the Beautiful!!

Hi, everything with Sara and her revenge has been peaches and cream till now but I sense from today's episode that the tables will turn from now on. They are being careless Sara and Han Tae Hee and someone is spying...and oops! the truth might leak out.

Sara and Han Tae Hee have great chemistry and their acting is superb. I've seen Joo Sang Wook ( Han Tae Hee) in investigation series where his role is soooo different yet he does a great job delivering a magnificent piece. Here is a genius that doesn't know how to act when he is falling for his creation. I laugh when he wants to rationalize his feeling and actions. I really enjoy his acting in this drama. I crack up!

There is a blabbermouth that will spill the beans.
So the going is going to get rocky from now on!

Great drama up till now!

I totally recommend it!!!

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