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Both of these dramas feel very similar: college/university life, social problems, bullying, misunderstandings and betrayals.
Recommended by hardpliers
while watching BTIMFL, the main couple kept reminding me of cheese in the trap couple. I think they have a similar couple dynamics.
Recommended by Roonilwazlib
The story of both dramas portrays real life story and characters which are imperfect and every person has his angle of story in their life.
Recommended by Neel1902
They are both set in college campus with a strong female lead and silent, deadly male lead. SO good.
Recommended by Jing CJ
The female and male lead from Weightlifting Fairy both appear as supporting roles in Cheese in the Trap so if you love this actor and actress make sure to watch. I think that Lee Sung Kyung does a great job acting in both roles and it after having seen her in Cheese in the Trap and then seeing her in Weightlifting Fairy I think she is a top rate actress and I really loved her roles. She was over the top crazy in Cheese in the Trap as In Ha and she is a spunky strong girl as a female lead. Both have great story lines with strong female leads for some girl power and attractive hot male leads.
Recommended by inzaratha
Both dramas psychological and deal with the deep issues of human nature. We see that both male characters are a mystery at first, and each character has their own battles they must fight. I loved Cheese in the Trap for the most part, but I found that Beautiful Mind far surpasses where CITT fell short, in character development.
Recommended by KaraGrace
The feeling!
the relationship between the leads for both dramas is somewhat similar. They got the pride & prejudice kinda relationship, where the girl always skeptical about the boy's dark character and emotions.
Recommended by MeowLong
In both dramas ML is rich and FL poor and hardworking. In both dramas ML at first hates FL. In Boys over Flowers characters are high schoolers, Cheese In the Trap is about college life, but the similarity is that they are still studying.
Recommended by Kdramalover203
Recommended by nikki
The way CITT flows is very similar to that of Pinocchio. I feel it is more story based, gears more on the plot than the romance, where as CITT is more focused on the romance. But both dramas gave me a similar vibe. Not to mention both benefit from attractive main characters ;P
Recommended by ArgyllC-Rice
Its been many months since Cheese in the Trap but finally got same feels from another male lead, Xing Zhao Lin.
Recommended by Jing CJ
Both are psychological drama's that deal with with serval different types of personalities. The male leads are both dark mysterious chaebols. The female leads are caring and seek to try to understand and love the male lead.
Recommended by KaraGrace
The stories and themes are very different, but I like the two for the same reasons -- these dramas portray what it's like to be young in a way that feels very real (although they're 2 different age groups: R1997 is more highschool whereas CIT is college), their female leads are extremely relatable, and both are "slice of life" dramas that still manage to have heart-fluttering, yet realistic, romance. Also I love the female lead's best friend in both :^p ! The two dramas use flashbacks in a way that makes the story more intruiguing, instead of redundant. Finally, both dramas are tvn, so they have that slightly indie, less polished vibe, and target a young audience without being too fluffy or flaky.
Recommended by Kim-Park-Lee
Spring Waltz is a classic, older dramas and one of the famous Four Seasons. Although CITT is a comedy, it has some darker elements that remind me of the classic Spring Waltz. They're similar in the sense that they male lead id cruel to the female in the beginning and ignores her, making life tough. Later in the drama, they both come to realize they made a mistake and fall for the female leads. Both can be intense and misleading.
Recommended by OKasiandrama
Both dramas take place in a university setting and have a slice-of-life feeling. Although Age of Youth follows the everyday lives of a group of girls, one of the main girls resembles the female lead in Cheese in the Trap (in terms of being timid but not weak).
Recommended by Mazza