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Jing CJ

New York, NY

Jing CJ

New York, NY



I got hooked on Kdrama since August 2015. I am waiting to see when this addiction will wane!!! 

Friend me if we CLiCK! CLiCK!

I hate chaebol male leads but...... why oh why...... are they so PURFECT!!!

* * * *  Drama Call outs: * * * * *

Scent of a Woman  -  hours of hours outpouring tears!

Master's Sun - Watched 3rd time.  Love the double entrendre! Go girl - dont be a Candy!

Heal Me Kill Me - Finally a female lead that doesnt need anything from the male lead. She is the one saving his life! "The wind is rising...we must try to live."

Blade Man - "Your money make me feel pathetic."

Gu Family Book -Sweetest OST/Side Story -MY EDEN - Yisabel.

* * * * Movies Callouts:* * * * *

Searching for the Elephant - Oppa Addiction Balm.


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