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The Village: Achiara's Secret (2015)

The Village: Achiara's Secret Episode 1

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  • Aired: October 07, 2015

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May 16, 2017

Episode 1 Spoilers Ahead

Spoilers Ahead!

-1 Year Ago-

1)In Canada, a piece of rope falls to the ground in front of people outside of a skyscraper. Shortly after, a body lands on top of it. The viewers learn that she is an old woman, and the grandmother of Han So Yoon. This devastates Han So Yoon, as she is her only known living family. After her grandmother's funeral, she is boxing up her grandmother's belongings and discovers a letter from Korea addressed to her (opened). Her grandmother not only hid this from her, but opened it. Inside is a news article: family of four killed when a tractor trailer collides with car. Victims were parents, two daughters. One of the daughters listed as deceased is Han So Yoon (she knows her family is dead) but she is clearly alive. This crash occurred in Achiara.

-2 Years Ago-

2) In Achiara, an elegant woman hosts her own art show. Her name: Yoon Ji Sook. She is married to Seo Chang Wan, local businessman and politician. He praises her success and they seem to be in love. A pretty woman who is not identified slips through the crowd after exiting a bus that stops in Achihara elsewhere. Yoon Ji Sook attempts to identify her but she moves to quickly for her to really to tell. This woman discreetly slips a folder to her before leaving. Inside are snap shots of her husband having an affair with a beautiful woman.

3)After the art event, Yoon Ji Sook stops by the art studio of teacher Kim Hye Jin. Yoon Ji Sooks young daughter, Seo Yoo Na is there and she seems rather shy and quiet. She is a wonderful water color painter. Her mother tells her to go outside and she confronts the other woman for having the affair. She slaps her a few times (while her horrified daughter watches from the next room) before the art teacher finally fights back (and it is an all out cat fight).


4)Han So Yoon accepts a teaching position in Korea in order to investigate the reason why she is listed as deceased. Since she grew up in Canada her English is excellent and this will be the first time retuning to Korea in over 23 years.

5)On a dark, stormy, rainy Wednesday she sits on the bus with a young man whose face is turned away. He continuously rubs walnuts in his hand together, making an eerie noise. On the radio, a news report explains that another body of a young woman was found outside of Achiara in Gyeonggi Province. The latest in a string of serial killer + rapist murders. He/she is known as the 'Rainy Wednesday Killer' because he seems to only strike on Rainy Wednesdays. The bus driver warns her to stay in on nights just like this.

6)She gets off the bus, and then the young man gets off, and apparently follows her. She, not being a moron, immediately runs for it and he follows. She hides in an alley and trips over a garden hoe, and picks it up as a weapon. She turns to protect herself, and a woman is there. She takes her to the local pharmacy (where she works), gives her directions, and explains that there is nothing unsafe about a rainy day Wednesday (very odd).

7)Han So Yoon lives in a fully furnished apartment. It seems that the woman who lived their previously had excellent taste, and just left everything (FYI there is a flickering light in her hall, to add to the ominous atmosphere). The woman across from her is very eccentric, she is Mrs. Hong and implores So Yoon to 'not disappear' like the other girls....

8)The next day she begins teaching. It seems that in spite of it being far from any major city the school is very good, almost like a school for wealthy people. She is introduced and meets Art Teacher Nam Gun Woo. Meanwhile, Yoon Ji Sook is visiting a fertility doctor. She wants a child it seems (is in her 40s). She returns to her husband who is preparing for a hunting trip who brushes her off and states she already has a son, Seo Gi Hyun (what about their daughter?).

9)Seo Gi Hyun, meanwhile, returns to Korea after being abroad for a few years. He seems like a warm person, and seems to care for his mother. He visits with his grandmother later, who clearly does not like his mother and warns her grandson to be wary of his mother because she 'wants the family money' and explains he is the hope of their family (in the hall his mother listens to this and seems unsurprised).

10)While enjoying an outdoor retreat with the school by the lake, So Yoon learns from the extremely creepy art teacher Nam that the lake has a brutal monster living in it, and if you get to close it will grab your ankles and trap you in the village. Another teacher brushes this off as a joke but he repeats this again to the art teacher and it seems like a warning. Then some boys go into the woods and So Yoon goes after them to bring them back. They are smoking. She jumps over a small ravine to reach them, falls, and discovers a human arm (bones) sticking out of the ground, almost beckoning, with a distinct blue bracelet around it. A corpse!

11)Authorities and forensics comb the woods for evidence. Locals are convinced it is a serial killer. Creepy teacher Nam visits the woman in the pharmacist (they appear to be lovers) and he states that it is funny that a woman arrives from the outside and finds a body (and he laughs). He also steals money from her....

12)Over dinner, Seo Yoo Na shows up in a rather outrageous outfit for Korea and talks about a corpse, says a few inappropriate things before she is sent away. The grandmother states she is 'disgustingly strange'. No one sticks up for her. Then the next day, a chair is tossed out the window at the school and Seo Yoo Na is extremely angry and insists that the corpse is not the missing art teacher Hye Yin. Nam is able to calm her down and says he knows for CERTAIN that the corpse is not her (how does he know that?). Later, on the way home, Seo Yoo Na confronts her mother and accuses her of being happy that Hye Jin is missing. Her mother explains she does not care and begs her to not tell her father about this incident (odd)

13)Officer Park (who does not seem to command a lot of respect although he is rather smart if a bit clumsy) believes that the corpse is related to the serial killer. Later, he learns that the corpse was 1-2 years old, she was raped and suffered a fracture and was likely strangled...Park decides to collect DNA from the villagers to see if she is from the area.

14)Meanwhile, Seo Chang Gwon is furious with the police Captain. He wants to keep the corpse a quiet affair because he plans to have people invest in developing the area and fears a dead body will delay his development plans (because of the investigation) but the Captain explains he tried but really has no control...Later, Seo Chang Gwon explains to his son that while his uncle managed their company (which employs half the town) his uncle now believes the company is his and he, Gi Hyun must wrest back control to avoid the business slipping into another's hands. He also explains that he plans to run for governor soon....

15)That night, our female lead seems to be losing it in her apartment (she's been dubbed the corpse teacher and is frightened because she has learned the missing art teacher actually was the woman who inhabited her apartment before her thus everything belongs to her--her neighbor believes that since the art teacher is the only person to go missing in the town then the corpse must be hers...). At her door she finds a filthy and confused Seo Yoo Na who calls her Hye Jin....

Comments: This is an EXCELLENT start. Reminds me a little of the Killing.

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