Missing 9 Episode 11

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Mar 3, 2017

Ugh. Is it really going downhill like this?

Okay, so I admit that I've had my frustrations with the how easy the main bulk of the plot is too guess. BUT the amazing character development and cast is what truly made this drama. Especially how the humor was so wonderfully blended with the dark tones of the show.

Well this episode kind of shoots that all up. It's like one huge joke! AND none of the characters really acted how I expected them to. In fact, Jun Oh was suddenly transformed into the annoying idiot we met in the first few episodes.

Gi Joon just keeps saying his sorry. They never actually talk like. "Oh, hey. CEO Jang is really threatening Ji Ah I can't help you right now." "Oh, well why don't we crush them so we don't have to fear and live with threats anymore Gi Joon?" Why that would be the smart thing to do.

This episode felt so out of place and ruined the characters. It wasn't as painful as the stupidity of the last episode, but close. I won't lie I laughed at quite a few things. Pretty sure I'll be going "Don't ask questions." for a while.

Still I'm really disappointed by where this drama is going. What a waste. Depending how the next episode goes it all may just spiral into stupidity. I appreciated how unique this drama was for Korean dramas, but it looks like it's going the way of landing on its butt for the end.

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