Missing 9 Episode 10

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Mar 3, 2017

One of the most stupist and painful episodes I've had to watch.

One of the most stupist and painful episodes I've had to watch. Why you might ask? Because the writing . . . was atrocious. So Prosecutor Yoon already knows that other survivors will be at risk. So yeah for getting there super fast before anyone else. Yet when someone calls him with proof of So Hee's murder he goes running.

Huge stupid issues that any freaking moron would realize:
1) How is there proof, the witnesses are proof. ( I mean the murder happened on a deserted island. Isn't the whole rush for survivors is because they're testimonies are the proof???)
2) Why would you ever leave the witnesses (your only proof!!!!!) unguarded. Especially after what already happened to two of them?
3) How could you not see it as a trap?
4) Just why!!!!???

Not only was this episode based on the idea that ALL the good guys are dumb, but then no one had a smart idea. Bad guys are entering the hospital and looking for Ji Ah and Gi Joon. They are on the first floor. These bad guys are locking things up. Firstly I don't think regulations will let hospitals put grates over the windows unless it's a psych ward. Thirdly they are on the ground floor. By fire code (yes it's the same for hospitals in China and since this was a ritzy one I'm sure it had to follow code) the window should open for fire escape reasons. Their might be a screen. If that HUGE window somehow didn't open why not immediately break the glass and get out? As Bong Hee did a bit later to escape after all the stupid stuff happened.

I'm so disgusted I can't even bask in the afterglow of Ji Ah and Bong Hee kicking serious butt.

Because Gi Joon and Ji Ah caved and sided with Tae Ho. Personally I would have said I'd go along and then at the conference say Jun Oh didn't do it. Or statements were coerced and that stupid woman was well aware of it. Because how could you EVER be safe with Tae Ho and CEO Jang? The instant they can you're dead. It's just the way they work. Besides that Tae Ho is a serial killer. He killed people when he didn't have too! I mean WTF!?

So girl power awesome. Gi Joon and Ji Ah's banter in the hospital adorable. The ending pretty cool. I was sooooooooooooo upset, and then boom the hilarious twist. Though I'm guessing he doesn't know what happened. I'm betting that the only smart person is Reporter Kim Ki Wan. Who probably sent the proof to the one prosecutor he knew that would probably be interest in it.

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