Missing 9 Episode 12

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Mar 3, 2017

I lied, it got worse.

Wow. What the heck is with this over the top and stupid humor? If this episode was trying to take it's over the top and drug out plot funny with over the top humor. So that wonderful balance of dark themes and humor that I talked about just got taken out to the shed. Boom! Shot all up.

Not to mention that I find Jun Oh super annoying. He's even worse than when he was first introduced. Not to mention that Bong Hee suddenly got stupid Bong Hee. What happened to the savvy survival girl? The one who thought about things?

I can't believe how the tone of the show and the writing took a dive. All the wonderful character building dead. I was so bored by this episode that I actually skipped/fast-forward. I tried to sit through it. The urge to dump this is strong. However, I need to know how it will end. Plus, considering how much I liked it in the beginning I need apparently suffer through the horrible "last part of the drama just killed it" episodes. Because I don't love myself enough.

I never would have guessed this show would have gone this way. I gave it too much credit and was enamored by it. Heck, I was so busy overthinking how cool the plot would be, and all the amazing twists, that I never predicted it would deteriorate like this. Not only is the plot predictable, but it's now just boring. I honestly don't expect much out of this ending.

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