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Jun 12, 2017
Completed 0
Overall 8.5
Story 8.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 8.0
1.) Zitao
This was my first Chinese movie and let's be honest, I watched because of Zitao, who I follow because of his music. I've heard a lot of critique about his acting, seen a few scenes from other movies and read his interviews in which he was very determined to improve his acting and prove people wrong in this very movie.
After seeing it, I have to say one thing - whoever ever said Huang Zitao is a bad actor is going to have to reconsider. He quite apparently worked hard and his acting was smooth and natural. I felt extremely proud of him.

2.) Music and narration
The soundtrack was good. Nothing outstanding, but nothing that would disturb your experience either. Overall pleasant. What I loved much more though, and will put it in this category, was the narration. It is not often that movies are narrated this well, but this one blended well into the movie and I truly enjoyed it.

3.) Aesthetics of the movie
Oh yes. Aside from Zitao being my aesthetics in general, I loved the dim colours and cold tones as well as the warm, calming and almost retro ones ones the movie was set in. The sets of the scenes were clear and the fashion pure and simple, complying with the theme of innocence.

4.) Plot
As for the movie itself, it was also probably the first time I've watched this drama/mystery genre on my own accord, and I must say it was a rather good experience; the first hour even brought a bit of paranoia along with the suspense. I was really into the plot and had no idea about the prime suspect or the twists in general until the moment the truth was revealed.

5.) Romance
Relationships and their development are my big pet-peeves and I am therefore very demanding in this area. I was a bit afraid of how it's going to work here, but I was pleasantly surprised. Yes, the beginning might have been a bit rushed and not quite believable (or maybe I'm just not into all this stalkerish love thingy), but the rest was rather cute. Then again, even the beginning could probably be accounted to that image of young recklessness, which was definitely a feeling I got from certain scenes and the main character in general. I also can't complain about the conclusion, which brings me to the last point -

6.) I loved the ending. By the ending I mean the very last scene in particular. I loved how the movie turned out. I would recommend it just for that, but the film has many other plus points throughout, so I'm just recommending in general.
Just watch and see. :)

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Jun 28, 2017
Completed 0
Overall 9.5
Story 10
Acting/Cast 9.5
Music 10
Rewatch Value 8.0
Based on the novel "Edge of Innocence" it becomes a very but very interesting mystery.
It's not your typical love story. Instead of the vibrant feelings of love at first sight, there is an accidental witness to a crime that takes a different twist when the main protagonist is drawn to the potential perpetrator.
The film is directed by Chang Jung-Chi and stars Huang Zitao, Ora Yang Caiyu, Tu Calvin and Vivien Li Meng. The cast is perfect for the theme of innocence, the film is so well scripted that it also not only gives the feeling that we are simply watching the lull before the storm. Ultimately, this is an exciting novel about secrets, passion and action.
When 19-year-old Kang Qiao was injured in an accident, he spends his time in the hospital peeking out the window where he instantly pulls himself into the cute girl next door. Despite witnessing the murder, Kang Qiao could only indirectly question Xia Yingying when he fell in love with her. What could be your reason for killing your father? Can murder be justified? Is it really a murder?
When Kang Qiao enters the world of Xia Yingying, he finds himself entangled in a complicated mess full of danger and uncertainty with the people who leave him and threaten his existence. Meanwhile, Xia Yingying tries to end her "summer love".

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Sep 24, 2018
Completed 0
Overall 9.5
Story 8.5
Acting/Cast 9.5
Music 9.0
Rewatch Value 10
I mainly watched this because of Taotao. But I honestly never expected this to be one of those movies where I just keep coming back to it and rewatching it. Because there is only a handful of them I can think of that have me do that. Its a very simple movie but it kept me on the edge of my seat as I was watching it. I fell in love with all the characters. They were very ordinary and they were executed gorgeously by all the cast members. I hope well for their future, especially the female lead. I want to see her in more, she did a wonderful job. Tao basically proved himself his worth as an actor in this film and I couldn't be more proud of him. He came a long way.

The music was just so pretty and it matched the setting nicely. The first time I heard the title track, 19, I basically fell in love ahaha. He has such a unique voice.

As for the plot, it was somewhat challenging for me to grasp for me at first. Although as the story unfolded, it just kept absorbing me in. I have to make a note to read the book as well because I loved this film. It was also very unexpected and had caught me by surprise on how everything was put into place. I don't want to completely ruin it, but if you are someone who likes thriller and romance, I recommend.

As for that ending, I didn't mind. You know, sometimes things do have to end in ways that fairy tales don't depict. Life isn't all about happily ever after. Have a box of tissues if you cry easily!

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