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Doctors Episode 19

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Seo Woo has trouble coping with the truth about her father. Meanwhile, Director Jin has trouble coping with the stress of everything falling apart around him.

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  • Aired: August 22, 2016

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Doctors Episode 19 Reviews

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Sep 5, 2016

Seo Woo aYeong Kook are cute, but just let this drama be over.

Well at least one side character thing is going right. Seo Woo is finally taking her "chance" to redeem herself and Yeong Kook is her new man! There moments together are great. I loved how Yoon Do noticed Seo Woo had moved on from him and that she was in the beginning stages of love. Great moments.

Sadly I feel like the rest of the side cast has been forgotten and tossed to the side. All that effort inot Kang Soo and it was a boring plot!

My dear, dear Soon Hee. I am sorry that the writer created your awesomeness and then just abandoned you.

Overall things are finally going to be over. I'm very annoyed that Seo Woo's father suddenly has symptoms and a tragic health thing. Really? It's an old trope and they've already wasted it on the side characters.

At least it will be over soon and I can finally be left to mourn this drama and move on.

Not to mention how heartless that proposal was. How did the writer douse the fire for Hye Jung and Ji Hong. They have emotional build up here . . . . but their relationship feels cold. Back hugs here and there do not a relationship make. Especially since Ji Hong simply kept Hye Jung in the dark until she decided to move on and let him do it.

Yeah, strike two my butt.

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