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hey guys what do u think the best drama of prak shin hye yet..??? uptil now i find you are beautiful(go mi nam) and doctors
Doctors is her best role by a mile.
Then Pinocchio.
I am partial to her in Stairway to Heaven too

Everything else was....not good.
Pinocchio is great although I have to say Doctors is the only drama of her that got me hooked from the first episode lol the rest is just meh:( 

Doctors you're beautiful and pinnochio 
Doctors, so far 
Gonna give this to Pinocchio for now, since her character in that was unbelievably well acted and especially well written.  She's really impressing me in Doctors so far, though. 
I'm liking her in Doctors best so far. The only other show I have to compare her to, though, is Kimcheed Radish Cubes which is like 9 years old (and she was only 17 at the time). I'm having a little trouble reconciling that those 2 characters are the same actress, but she is winning me over in Doctors and I'm slowly letting go of noticing how her look has changed and matured.