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Both are a mix of romance and drama, the romance of this show being separated by time travel (very similar to W's two world separation).
Recommended by Kimmi
By the same writer and both have plot twists, things you never saw coming. Keeps you on the edge on your seat.
Recommended by scarletlover1
Both action packed and full of plot twists. Whereas DOTS takes place in a different country, W is set in an alternate reality.

Both female leads are doctors and due to their relationship with the male leads end up in dangerous situations. Both dramas have the same amount of romance, the couples are adorable but obviously have a deep connection which shows through the casts' acting.
Recommended by Bella
For starters both are amazing dramas in their own way and I LOVED both these dramas!

~ Tons of plot twists
~ Keeps you on the edge of your seat
~ Fantastic acting
~ Fast-paced
~ Always something happening in each episode
~ Lots of secrets that get revealed

~ W is more romance-driven whereas Circle has minimal romance
~ Circle is more sci-fi/dystopian whereas W deals more with the webtoon/cartoon realm and the idea of two separate dimensions
Recommended by Sandrine
Both dramas have a strong sense of suspense, with big cliffhangers as the story progresses. Script writing/web-drama drawing plays a big role in what happens to the characters throughout the dramas--in ways that effect reality greatly.
Recommended by LiteD
it's kinda similar to this drama but that's only with the whole two different world things I recommend reading some reviews.
The drama is about a girl named Claire Duncan who is absolutely addicted to watching her all time favorite Korean Drama "Taste of Love" and wishes she could live in a world exactly like that, when suddenly she finds herself in the so called "DRAMAWORLD" where she meets another facilitator by the name of Seth Ko who's a waiter in which you think wouldn't hurt a fly but is he really all he seems to be?
Recommended by mahleeming
This is also a lee jong suk drama.The story is much more compelling and competitive.. U will race with the time. Like in W here also the growing romance between the two leads r very much cooler. Also the ending is much more adorable which I felt a little lack in W... Pinocchio really amazing media drama....
Recommended by Anjaly
While the storyline is different, the dramas give off the same vibes.

Both feature foresight/changing reality
Both have a touch of mystery, action and romance
Both have Lee Jong Suk starring as the male lead
Recommended by Lyoness
W and Nine are written by the same writer, Song Jae-jung, in which she managed to establish unique concepts in creating the world of both dramas. Even though W has only aired two episodes, it delivered a very intriguing and interesting story just like Nine. The two dramas have different plot (Nine is a time travel themed while W revolves in the fictional world of a comic character) but I must say, they actually resembles each other in the way that suspense, humor, and romance has a nice balance on the way the writer tells the story while still focusing on the fantasy element of the drama.
Recommended by Junichyung
When I was reading the description of "Meet Me @ 1006" it reminded me of "W" it is both romances, and it is also like a time travel type drama. But "Meet me @ 1006" is a Taiwanese drama and "W" is a Korean Drama.
Recommended by Nicole Garcia
Both of the stories are really unpredictable. W and Liar Game (Korean Remake) Keep you hanging, although W has 16 episodes and Liar game has 12 episodes.. which is really sad because I wished it was longer...
Recommended by icy656602
Ambos envolvem sonhos/outro mundo. Achei incrível a temática e achei similar principalmente pelos desenhos e todas os momentos envolvendo webtoon
Recommended by Evelin Gabriele
both has manga/webtoon which is drawn and kinda comes to life
in the movie it comes true for real in the real life
in W kdrama it first builts the other world where characters appear are developed and slowly from there it begins to actually affect reality
Recommended by Rijouku
Both female leads are doctors with similar personality types. They both get transported to another realm/time period. While Faith is more of a medical drama and sageuk, W is more of a modern day romantic comedy.
Recommended by Misunderst0_od
Both have male protagonists that were framed for their family murders and were unjustly imprisoned. They both struggle to bring the truth to light.
Recommended by Geanina