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Goblin Episode 11

The Deity Is So Cruel to You and Me

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The Grim Reaper confronts Sunny, as does Kim Shin. An old "friend" introduces himself to Eun Tak.

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  • Aired: January 06, 2017

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Goblin Episode 11 Reviews

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Feb 25, 2017

Four Stars

the end of this episode was t o o m u c h.

i was freaked out, i really hate this old man. and now it looks like Deok Hwa oppa is the king. i'm so confused, gotta watch next episode soon. ;-;
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Jan 7, 2017

freaking out rn!

the end of this episode and all the genres in turns. Melodrama, friendship, thriller, romcom & finally horror!

No really I was so freaked out! I was continusly uttering oh my god oh god oh my god and whining 0.0

I found him already scary when he was alive and looked normal and now this, its like his inner self has been projected onto his outer looks. All dark, and disgusting.

PS: it's 1am over here and I'm alone in my room > <
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