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lost in the TARDiS..


lost in the TARDiS..

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My name is 심비아니♡* & I am a MEDiA ADDiCT!

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Ever since I first got my hands on technology,
I have loved movies/shows/etc & stories of all kinds!



I can be a picky viewer, but I fall hardest & most often
for cuute, sappy, adorkable characters & plotlines..
& especially for deep emotional bonds that last!
I love silly romance & snarky partnerships
mixed in with epic action & adventure!

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DiSCLAiMER: I am well-aware of what "bad writing" is.. (at least in my opinion, anyways) & almost every type of media I am a "fan" of, regardless of country or other source of origin, seems to have it in ~spades, lol (not counting the RARE exceptions, of course- see above pic!). So why am I still a fan? Because I have the lovely ability (~habit) of automatically ~mentally rewriting canon to fit my own tastes xD when I get addicted to certain characters.. ❤

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DiSCLAiMER continued: Speaking of which, I am also much more fond of (fictional) characters in general, whom I can get to kno "inside-out", than their (RL) actors, who may forever remain just an unreachable mystery in a pretty package, whose every public move is (usually) calculated for "mass appeal". My interest in anyone whose chars I have liked only extends into wanting them to do more of the SAME work that I just love to see them doing ;P (see Faves list)

[this fanart credit to: alicexz @ deviantart]

My wide-ranging media interests have gone thru
some interesting phases over the past few decades..
but only recently did I stumble upon the crazy fandom
for this phenomenon called "K-dramas" & similar mini-series ;D

~ "whoaa, what have I been missing?!?!" - my eventual reaction ~


I'd first been exposed to some Asian media via the International Channel,
in the days of dial-up internet when I hadn't discovered ~downloads yet..
aka, back in the early 2000s lol, but I never really got into it further-
I'd had many, MANY other fandoms distracting me at the time!



But these days, what with [Netflix] & [Hulu], etc
at my fingertips, there's so much more stuff to explore!

One late night back in Dec2012, the usual time I'm media-surfing,
I was randomly looking for aanything to catch my attn on Netflix..
& then I happened to read the single-sentence outline* for smth
apparently called ~ You Are Beautiful ~, & like.. seriously?!
It just sounded SO ridiculous, I couldn't resist, haha
especially as a fan of both, bands & slashiness ;P
* "Nun-in-training suddenly has to take her
twin brother's place in a boy-band.

Just like that, I was HOOKED!

~ fave YaB scene: ANJELL-OT4 @the market! & only scene I've revisited - like 20x! ~



And even being someone who has an "addictive personality",
it wasn't until K-series I finally knew what "addiction" REALLY is ;P

▲ what happens after TOO MANY DRAMAS aahhh *crash* ▲


To me, these "dramas" are like just reeally looong movies, lol or mini-series,
since they have mostly ~definitive ends; altho it seems that the writing of
the last few eps (or the entire last half..) of each series is often ~wonky
due to complicated filming issues, which one does not get in movies/etc.
(as films are fully completed, usually ~months or years before release)
where the writing becomes reliant on how many eps may get extended,
with everyone all rushing to finish it off because they'll never return
to the ~exact same story & with the exact same actors ever again ;(
so maybe they're more like super-condensed multi-year shows? LOL..

[left gif credit to: shura @ tumblr & right gif credit to: gibbynka @ tumblr]

~ OT4 in the middle! & girl on the right belongs with the 2 dorks on the left, lol ~

I personally prefer long-running series (& endless adventures!)
which go on for a specific # of eps per year, so it's ~structured
in that way, the stories & characters can grow with the viewers..
& I even tend to find most movies to often be too "short", haha;
but, with one story in 16-20+ eps, it's like.. the best of BOTH!

Of course tho, I end up still wanting more, lol especially since
the writing is often ~lacking & not as awesome as it should be,
yet the chars have already won my heart.. but even when it ~is
written well? Obviously that just makes the craving stronger!

Thus, the addiction begins..

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~ adorkable tomboy gets mixed up in an established triangle? yes please! ~

THE CLiCHES/TROPES: What I Like & Dislike!

YAY #1: when the ~chemistry~ is nearly equal on ALL sides in "love (shapes)",
ie there is a strong connection of some sort btwn them all &/or some kind of
cuuteness even btwn the typical "rivals" lol (if they're being considered that)
such as the guys already being friends w/each other &/or ditto for the girls! ♥

YAY #2: "domestic" adventures (cooking, shopping, working, etc), fair rides,
& just usual hanging out & getting along, living life & having fun, being ~dorky;

YAY #3: (to be continued)

~ couldnt find a gif of this moment that included Bingrae! this will have to do.. ~

BOO #1: random character stupidity, for ANY reason.. ugh, major dislike! >.>

BOO #2: when someone's love is extremely one-sided / unrequited, ie they're
just pining away with not even a glimmer of a chance, it's such a waste & hurts
waay too deep. I much prefer when it's more of a true dilemma ie cases which
prove that love doesn't have "limitations" lol (tho they are very rare, so ~meh)..

BOO #3: (to be continued)


~ more to come, later, as I'm going thru some RL issues >.> ~
~ in the meantime, check out: My Drama History ~
~ (last updated: Fall 2014) ~


~ nothing like a super cuute OT4 to make me swoon heart-over-keyboard! ~

[this gifset credit to: k-ddramas @ tumblr]
~ buahaha, WooBin sure skated out of that one smoothly xD *cough* YiJung! ~

[ this space will at some point be filled with fannish goodies ]
[ of all the things that make me swoon / siigh / squee / etc ]
[ aka pics/gifs, plus fanvids/etc for all my fave pplz & ships ]

[this gifset credit to: shura @ tumblr]

~ searched hi&lo but no pics for my BoF OT4, tsk! JaeKyung needs to be on here! ~

~ MY OTPs - WHO DO I SHiP*? OT3/4s FTW!! ~
Really, a true happily-ever-after would be so much easier
if these dorks could just live together in domestic bliss xD
(& yes, I may tend to say this ~often & whenever I see a space
to share such a delusionally sentimental opinion (to most, anyway),
if only to ~hope to inspire MORE cuute fanvids & sappy fics/art, etc!)


*to ship: to fannishly support, with wanting to collect & share
fan-made media revolving around mostly romantic relationships..
~ usually occurs when official media leaves its passionate viewers
wanting more & feeling like the squee must be enjoyed in diff ways ;P


You're Beautiful
« TaeKyung / MiNyu / ShinWoo / Jeremy »

Mary Gets Married
« MaeRi / JungIn / MooKyul ( / SeoJoon ) »

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Boys Over Flowers
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« GaEul / YiJung / WooBin »

Reply 1994
« Chilbongi / Najung / Sureki / Bingrae »
« Smchnpo / YoonJin / Haetae »

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Coffee Prince
« EunChan / HanKyul / YooJoo / HanSung »

« SaeYoung / YooKyung / KimSan / HyunWook »


~ Answer 1997 ~
« JunHee / YoonJae ( / ShiWon ) »

~ Absolute Boyfriend ~
« ZongShi / NaiTe / XiaoFei ( / MeiJia ) »

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Curious about my non-Asian fandoms? See full list @ my FFnet profile!
as well as my tvTAG profile to see what US media I'm currently watching!
& you can also see some more (not-as-updated) fannish squee in visual forms
(plus a list of assorted interests) at my LJ profile or my deviantART acct..

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~ those that make me giddy aka my "idols" / "biases" ~
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I be like..
..all over my comp, buahaha xDD


my forum posts - last updated: 2014/1109/Sn: epic drama ideas ::
:: my username meaning :: where/when I drama :: what I live for ::
:: fave motto :: drama links advice :: that awesome feeling ::

Irony: It's kind of funny using the phrase "K-dramas" & hearing the word itself, "drama" so often now.. cuz I personally despise "actual drama" in general / as a ~genre.. I mean the "let's write a bunch of tragic things happening to our awesome chars just to torture them & call that ~plot cuz yaay substance!" >.> NO.

So I try to ~avoid actual drama because it drives me nuts, lol like I don't ~really consider it "entertainment", & even prefer to often ignore canon completely in favor of my own "fanon" daydreams of what should have happened, when I get hooked on chars with great potential yet end up hating the way-too-dramatic original source events, heh. This is true for any/all fandoms I've been into since like forever, be they shows or mini-series or movies or books, etc etc.

Of course, a lil angst here & there is tolerable, maybe even acceptable or warranted, but I just don't like ~drowning in it, & ESPECiALLY when it's JUST "drama for the SAKE of drama" ie chars acting ~impossibly stupid just so that the writing can torture them some more, like, whhyy?! (so many things suffer from this.. oyy)

Anyways, so all that said.. bring on the cuuteness lol my main weakness is ~characters first & foremost, usually cuz of their actors, so I will suffer thru the even worst writing if I've already become addicted to certain chars & my fannish history definitely reflects that! I figure, there's at least always our fannish dreams & media, right? ;D

*SimbiAni = Simbalto-Anya = Simba+Balto+Anastasia, since 1998 ^-^


~ if F4 were a '90s boy-band in a classic teen mag pinup LOL ❤ ~
~ KTF4PA! buaha.. (major fan points if you get the reference) ~

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