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So I'm a bit late to the party but I recently finished this.

I wondered if anyone else really wished the ending had been different? Personally I would have liked to see Sunny & Eun Tak become Grim Reapers somehow; so they could all be happy for all of eternity doing their jobs & being together. 

How else do you see this ending or are you happy with things as they are?
Sunny and Eun Tak couldn´t possible become Grim Reapers since they said in the show that you need to commit suicide to become a Grim Reaper. 

But for me I would have liked an ending where Kim Shin died and could finally rest in peace.
When Eun Tak asked Kim Shin if he was a ghost who kept following her around, I thought, omg that might've been a great idea, giving them a more angsty reunion. I was slightly expecting that the ending would be Kim Shin would finally resting in peace, with Wang Yeo as the Grim Reaper to send him off, and in another life would meet Eun Tak's soul again, and live a better and happier life.
I agree to the statement of Kanha. I would have liked it more if "Kim Shin died and could finally rest in peace".

It would have been more dramatic and emotional. And I felt like the story got lost because it turned out like that. The whole story was build up around his salvation. It was not set to have a love happy ending. It ended as it started. He is alone powerful and immortal.

But even so I didn't like she find him 20 years later after she got reborn... why not meet again in next life like Sunny and Eun Tak. Their end was perfectly (for me)