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Both female leads can see ghosts and male leads are supernatural beings who cross path with the female leads.
Recommended by SyN
Both are about higher beings. The female lead in Goblin is "the Goblin's Bride" as I recall it..

Honestly I'm still in the process of finishing this drama (episode 12) but I realized the similarities as soon as the first episode started. The visual editing is very similar... male lead is a higher being, 2nd male lead is also a higher being And both are similar in that their life's story is super sad and unfotunate. female leads are both 'cursed' I would put it..

The Bride of Habaek is lacking compared to Goblin. But in my opinion,The Bride of Habaek is still a good one on it's own. I guess everyone had high expectations after Goblin. I for one was excited to see the cast in The Bride of Habaek, and it's mainly my reason for even watching it. Personally I don't hate the plot, in fact I like how it's a bit lighter than Goblin (Goblin will absolutely make you cry a river lol so get the tissue box out)
Recommended by frvncxss
Both shows have ghosts/supernatural beings that deal with their pasts. Both are also two of the best dramas of the past couple of years.
Recommended by disthymia
They have a very similar feel to them (e.g. dreamy, fantasy aesthetic). Main leads are connected by some kind of "fate", and they are capable of changing the future a little. If you liked Goblin, you might like While You Were Sleeping. Also, both dramas can be a bit slow (Goblin is slower in my opinion.)
Recommended by Shou
This is a short Web Drama starring Kim Junmyeon from EXO. It has much comedy aspects. It involves grim reapers and loving the living which might be something viewers of Goblin might enjoy. Quite funny, very heart breaking. 100% Enjoyable.
Recommended by insoles
of their mythology! Both dramas have incorporated the heavenly (and hell) beings to their story. Though they don't exact;y have the same conflict going on, both dramas have a matter-of-life-and-death conflict to deal with.

And though I like Goblin, Arang is still the number one on my list when it comes to a resolution for a love that transcends death.
Recommended by jellybine
Both tackle deep Life/Death questions.

This is the korean remake version of the original Loss:Time:Life japanese drama.
Recommended by JulySnow2
8.4 Black (2017)
Black *sounds* like a story similar to the Grim Reaper's romance in Goblin. Both are Fantasy Romance. Immortal falling for human love stories. One forgets the other...

**Edit - Black is totally different to Goblin, but the Fantasy, Romance genre remains. Both are also about supernatural entities on Earth and interacting with humans.
Recommended by SSKF
Both dramas are about love that is not controlled by humans but instead by something greater than them. Both my all time faves! great osts, great acting! No love triangles (so done with them really).
Recommended by julifacetoface
8.7 Love O2O (2016)
Both are sweet love with no rivalries and the love in the air moments are more in love o2o the best dramas.......
Recommended by Lucy Heartfilia
Similar threads of past lives, honour, after-life, ancestry and culture
Recommended by Silver_Sylphy
Similarly hollow feeling to the stories. Both are captivating and easy to watch with very nice cinematography. Romance isn't super prominent, and both carry a supernatural theme, with Goblin leaning more on the high-fantasy historical side and YWCFTS more modern and not as "epic".
While Goblin's conflict stays more on the supernatural side of things, YWCFTS' conflict is a murderer. Has a more "earthly" feel than Goblin, but similar overall.
Recommended by KoriNeko18
7.2 Mr. Back (2014)
Both delve into themes of death and similar themes of reincarnation
They both deal with an Ahjussi romance
Overall, similar fantasy-romance themes
Similar supporting character roles - Goblin's Yoo Deok-Hwa VS Mr. Baek's Choi Dae-Han
Recommended by Char
8.4 49 Days (2011)
Both have a similar plot element of Reapers who have no memory of their life before death and the consequences ensuing when said memories return.
Recommended by bloody_venus
Both shows have themes concerning death. There is also humor, romance, and most importantly, bromance.
Recommended by ClassyApples