Bring It On, Ghost Episode 1

A Kiss

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Desperate to find members for their ghost-catching club, Chun Sang and In Rang live stream a trip to a haunted school. Small-time exorcist Park Bong Pal is summoned to the same school and meets Kim Hyun Ji, the ghost of a high school girl. (Source: thetvdb)
  • Aired: July 11, 2016

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Jul 15, 2016

Another fun ghost story!

First off I have to say the music for this show is super lively and fun. I found it hilarious that the opening music credits sounds so much like the Sherlock Holmes music with Robert Downey Jr. What really got me is that the opening during the hilarious thief/ghost chase scene was so good! Gets the blood pumping. I have a feeling the OST is going to be awesome. I didn't really like the sound affects as much, but I think it goes with the over the top style of the drama. So I'll probably get used to that.

"A woman's vengeance knows no bounds."

I love the mythology behind Korea and their ghost stories. They all seem to have a certain set of rules. Ghosts stay because they either have a grudge or were wrongfully killed. It seems to be the theme of drama shows to find out. Though it's usually wrongfully killed. The monk seems like an interesting fellow and obviously his fall from grace has something to do with Bong Pal.

I think it's hilarious that Kang Ki Young from Oh My Ghost is in another ghost story! As usual he's adorably insufferable!

To be honest the story and setup is nothing unique, but ghost stories are my drama addiction! It's comfort food for me right now and I was laughing. I love how strong Hyun Ji is! Boy does she kick butt, or more correctly she kicks Bong Pal's butt. ^_-

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