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North Carolina

It all started in Elementary School when my cousin introduced my sister and I to this anime called Sailor Moon. I fell in love with it and started watching as many anime as I could find. Even started going to conventions. Then I branched out into listening to Japanese music. Then a few years ago my friend showed me some Japanese dramas. I fell in love with them. Then I got curious about other Asian music and television.

I love learning about different cultures and I love watching dramas.:) 

My Firsts:
First Japanese Drama: My roommate was watching Hana Yori Dango, so I saw a lot of that, but I believe the first drama I watched all the way through was
Lunch Queen
Japanese Movie:  Ack! I'm a bit fuzzy on the details, it was so long ago.  I want to say it was a Jhorror... So maybe it was Uzumaki. 
First Chinese Drama: Secret Angel
First Chinese Movie: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
First Hong Kong Drama: Love in Time
First Hong Kong Movie: I know for sure it was a Jackie Chan movie. Either Glass Bottle, Twin Dragons, or Mr. Nice Guy.
First Korean Drama: This is another one that's vague for me.  It all sort of runs together in my head since I watched a bunch of them back to back.  It's either Goong, Full House, or Coffee Prince.
First Korean Movie: Cello
First Taiwan Drama: Romantice Princess
First Taiwan Movie: TBA
First Thailand Drama: Jam Loey Rak
First Thailand Movie: Ghost of Mae Nak

First Filipino Drama: TBA                                                                                                                                                                                          First Filipino Movie: The Road
Completed Vietnamese Dramas: TBA

Be forewarned, my plan to watch list has morphed into a sentient being. It has been now dubbed The Monster. It rampages throughout MDL devouring any and all dramas and movies that cross it's path! With no regard to my well-being, it continues down this path of destruction. Poor Sleepy will being working on this list till the day she meets that big guy in the sky. 

★★★★ I made a second account for all of my movies. Please check it out and feel free to friend me there too! ★★★★ SleepninjaDeux

I am the moderator for our forums.  Please feel free to message me or leave a comment if you have any questions and I hope we can all get along. :) Since the community on this site is so friendly, I feel we will all have lots of fun!

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 Sleepy's Corner of Lulz: 

Under Contsruction. Will resume...eventually. lol ...


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