Bring It On, Ghost



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Both have interesting stories! Both dramas have ghost romance! Both dramas have mystery to find out why they're ghosts and also trying to bring back their memories.
Recommended by JessieMoonStar
Same main Idea so if y like Bring it On, Ghost u will like it too but the % of the Romance in this drama is like 20%
Recommended by khaled ahmed
Theme of solving ghost cases. Both male female leads have simbiotic relationship. In master's sun female lead uses her ghost seeing ability to be the male lead's radar. In Ghost the female lead is technically a ghost and helps the male lead to win against ghosts. Both male started off disliking the female lead to grudgingly accept their presence, then actively seeking them out when absent to forming a romantic relationship
Recommended by sharreb
Both have a fun, cartoon-y style. SWBS is def the goofier of the two because of the gangsters, while BIOG is a little darker because of some of the ghost back stories. Both are good if you want something playful.
Recommended by Megan
The ghost effects remind me a lot of this show. This and Bring It Ghost are quite similar! A mixture of paranormal, comedy and some seriousness.
Recommended by Cassy
Both dramas are very similar, and have the female lead as the ghost and the male lead as the human who can see her.. Both dramas have mystery & supernatural aspects, and both dramas have a mix of romance and comedy. :)
Recommended by ladymay
The hero can see ghost and fight them. While investigating one girl ghost's death , they start working together and more...
Recommended by Rangadeviii
Both of these dramas are a entertaining take on the horror-comedy genre. Both male leads have the ability to see ghosts, but not necessary the ability to get rid of them. The side characters are a healthy dose of comic relief that put on airs of braveness yet flee from ghostly encounters. Entertaining, fun watches that occasionally get the heart racing.
Recommended by pigtails4ever
Both dramas have the same male main actor (Ok Taec Yeon) and also has different type of stories..
Bring It On, Ghost is one of my favourite drama..All the characters are perfect for their role..
Recommended by Lydia14
Both dramas are kinda similar as they have the female lead as the ghost and the male lead as the human who can see her.. Both dramas have mystery surrounding the female leads death & supernatural aspects, and both dramas have a mix of romance, comedy,drama
Recommended by ladymay
In both dramas, the male protagonist is in love with out of reach girl, either a supposed robot, or a ghost girl. Either way, both wonderful, romantic heartwarming and innocent. All about true love here.<3
Recommended by thesunsetlimited
another ghost love story! both are interesting to watch, so i thought this would be on recommended list
Recommended by Rara
Both are ghosts stories.
"Bring It On, Ghost" is a tvN drama. While quite creepy sometimes, it has a romance story which makes it refreshing.
"Cheo Yong" is an OCN drama. It is a police drama without romance in it. A ghost student, a girl as well, helps a policeman solve his cases. Very enjoyable and creepy as well ;)
Recommended by nastou19
They both include a supernatual being and a human living together while trying to discover the mystery surrounding them.
Recommended by blasian7
Both are supernatural dramas that feature a lively dead girl and a male lead who can see ghosts and their fun and (of course) dramatic romance. I know some people avoid historical dramas as a rule, but Arang and the Magistrate is too fun to pass up and is something even those who swear against historical dramas can enjoy.

Both have a perfect balance of drama and comedy and keep you entertained for the whole ride.
Recommended by Mandy