Bring It On, Ghost Episode 7


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Myung Chul investigates his suspicions. Chun Sang lands a potential investor for Blood Sausage Soup. (Source: thetvdb)
  • Aired: August 01, 2016

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Aug 24, 2016

Kyung Ja! Be safe.

Every since Kyung Ja decided to make Hye Sung her honey I've been so nervous! Especially after seeing the connections to Hye Sung and Bong Pal's dad/past. Now it's also confirmed that he had something to do with Hyun Ji. Though I question that he would keep all this evidence. -_-

Speaking of questions. Wouldn't Bong Pal think that Hyun Ji likes him. After all she can just poof herself into an amusement park. Duh, she wants to see it with you!

I think it's cute and naive. I suppose Bong Pal may not know he signs of when someone likes you because he has never really had people.

Though I don't like seeing Cheon Sang's greedy side. I agree with In Rang's grandmother. I don't like to see him abuse In Rang. He is a con artist. I enjoy it when Cheon Sang is a friend to In Rang.

Overall we get to ghost problems to solve, but it's still becoming episodic. Even though possession was one of the cases. Now that things are getting more intense with Hye Sung killing people and stalking closer to Bong Pal I'm curious where the writers will go. Especially as to what happened to Bong Pal's dad. We know Hye Sung is only too happy to kill someone!

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