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Shopping King Louie Episode 10

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  • Aired: October 26, 2016

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Apr 10, 2017

Oh, my...

I have a lot to say for this episode but i don't have the energy.
This episode has consumed my energy, yes.

So the previous episode left us with ominious signs.Bok Nam is indeed dead, and his death is tragically related to Louie.
Well,ok. :/
Bok shil naturally left, leaving Louis clueless behind her
Mr Cha naturally followed her back to countryside.
Upon learning where she went, Louis also followed her.
And of course, as if the are the only ones lacking, ma ri and in sung settled for bok shil's countryside home yet failed to reach there for certain unmentionable reasons ^^

we should appreciate the director.. for even in a colorless and sad episode as this, they made viewers smile.I mean even mr butler and ajumma -who helps halmoni- were lovey dovey in a very funny way...

may-be-cause we couldn't get to see the main couple side by side, this episode dragged a lot.
As it was drawing to end, again, with a magical touch,on the way back to Seoul, mr cha suddenly had to swerve his car and Louie happened to slightly hit and injure his head... causing him to remember his last moments before the accident.
Now he knows why bok shil is doing what she is doing.
Ok, poor Louie, what you gonna do now?
Please, I don't want him to let go of his love. :(
I certainly don't want him to let go of Bok shil. :(
In the next episode we have hints that this whole thing gonna mix up even more...framing yoon sang hyun as the second caring-type-male lead once again...(after, I Hear Your Voice)
He will be there by Bok Shil's side instead of Louis.
Before it gets even more complicated, I hope it will end peacefully.
(^.^, fingers crossed.)

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