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Shopping King Louie Episode 11

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  • Aired: October 27, 2016

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Apr 17, 2017


An example of devotion, Louis, tries hard to go on, only observing Bok Shil from afar every day....

Bok Shil is a truly lucky girl...from shopping king to mr cha, and now even the cool detective, indeed they all hang around her in a way. (I'm not jealous, just saying -_-)

Anyways, as Bok Shil and Louis solemnly and separately seem to move on, Louis keeps tabs on her, making sure that she is safe and well-fed.He even put some coins in her piggy-bank.
This guy and min hyuk from Storng woman Do Bong Soon took the level of cuteness on a whole other level...Possibly to stratosphere ^.^ Just watch this ep , you'll see what I mean.
It is just...he hurt a lot in this episode.
It rained on him literally and metaphorically.
I wished the thunder and lighting would stop and he didn't have to go to her house only to look from afar and cry..while mr ca is taking care of sick Bok Shil.
Louis leaves Seoul really cool to go back to his castle.Well,he wanted to leave but ended up in Busan.This guy is as romantic as he is cute.The only thing that really bothers me is that he hits his head someplace way too often that it is annoying.
Seriously,Louis,again?!! -.-

Now, who on earth this hospital guy could be?For a second - because I gave some break after ep 10- I thought it might be her brother but then, we know he is supposedly dead (and Bok Shil saw his face already in the ambulance).So he might be a friend of her late brother who will say.....bam! "your bro is alive!".
And we saw bok. nam alive near the end of the episode..heol..2_2. Im still curious about the sick guy.

There is a very funny reference to my very first korean drama (Da Jang Geum) in this episode...oh, my eyes get watery,those were the days...Way to go Bok Shil, way to go.
I'm sure that when I finish this drama I will give it something like 9 not only because plot, fun and cuteness but because it has reminded me a lot of things from my past memories. (:
Sometimes it is nice to remember.

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Dec 22, 2016

Are they kidding us?! WTF?!

He didn't even regain his old memories and now he forgot the present one too?! And here I shout this hit gave him the memories back. Nope, let us start from the beginning again? And this after he finally saw Bok Nam well and alive. Are they so determined to not let Bok Shil know about Bok Nam? gosh -_- Seems like she'll find out only at the every end.
But I really didn't see it coming so it was kinda a good plot twist XD
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Oct 28, 2016


The plot twist in the end of this episode!!! Daebak~~ never thought that the storyline will go this way... Can't wait for the next episode~~~

**Screenwriter-nim.. please save Louis from the head hitting scene.. feel like his IQ is getting lower and lower everytime he got hit (but his action got cuter in the other way XP)**
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