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Shopping King Louie Episode 5

Starry Starry Night

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  • Aired: October 06, 2016

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Apr 7, 2017

Starry Starry Night...brings back Memories

Even though there are a few cliches, I already like this drama A LOT...

As I was watching the beach scene during this episode,that trick really got me and bring back a memory of mine,too.

Louis got really bad upon remembering a piece of his childhood memory.
A child playing with his parents by the sea,just like he used to.
He took a few steps towards them and then collapsed.It felt very emotional that Bok Shil came then and wiped away the sand on his face and hugged him.
(this guy is actually so cute in this drama that I actually want to hug him,too.The problem is I want to do that way too often. 3.3)
When bok shil wanted to pull away from him,he was already crying.
So he didn't let her go,he pulled her in instead.
yes, that's what really got me....
You know,whenever something truly sad happens,such as when we have to part for a long time or sth bad happens to me, my mom hugs me and rarely she cries,too.
I can't handle it when she cries so I become super sad.
She knows about this so my mom does the very same thing Louis does.
As she slowly cries and I want to pull back, she pulls me in firmly instead of letting me go.
Though I can tell that she is crying,she doesn't let me see her.
Maybe Louis here made this gesture for a different reason than my mom but it still got me.He is so kind and sensitive.Even if he is a bit reckless, I really like him a lot.

P.S. 2

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