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Shopping King Louie Episode 6

I Was Born to Love You

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  • Aired: October 12, 2016

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Apr 8, 2017

Amnesia Amnesia

To my surprise, this drama just stayed away from another cliche this time.

Louis didn't actually get hit by ma ri's car and regain his memories.That was what I was expecting considering all this amnesia thing.
In this episode Yoon sang hyun literally shined.His scenes with Louis at home were so fun to watch.
He is not my bias but I must say that he just never disappoints me.
Whatever role he takes on, he plays it so well.From Secret Garden to Gap Dong and to this, he took on different roles and never disappointed me. ^.^
Seo In Guk...is getting cuter and cuter <3<3<3 as a natural result finally Bok shil's feelings towards him is getting clearer.
Louis might seem reckless and annoying to some of us and to some extent ,actually he is too.
But like grandma says I think he is just what he is yet changing in his new life to a slightly different person to keep up with reality.
I still like him.

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