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Shopping King Louie Episode 7

Shopping King Louie 7- Perhaps Love

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  • Aired: October 13, 2016

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Apr 8, 2017

Someone with all possibilities and impossibilities..that's me.

Is it just me or the detective who helps Louis and Bok shil is...really cool?

I mean not only he is good looking but also his voice is really cool and I don't know why but he's being good to both for no reason.At first I thought that he likes Bok shil but now I don't think so.
My man I hope you don't change :B

Well..I know it's all drama and everything but seriosly that lady in the hospital shouldn't have given any information on the patient to Mi ra's dad.There should be sth called patient privacy. ''.''

We get to hear a slow version for the show's main theme (Tiger Moth from MONSTA X) in this episode.Timing was very appropriate for this acoustic version.I know that Louis become a more sensitive and naive person after the incident.Seeing that he wanted to have a keepsake from Bok shil made me smile.As for Mr Cha, for a second there I felt like he appreciated the connection between these two.Now that Mr Cha figured out his feelings now I'm curious to know how he will deal with it.

I'm deeply rooting for a happy ending -because this is a really colorful and nice drama for me- please, do not disappoint me,ok?

Btw, is giving shoes to someone really a sign of parting in their culture or is it just the show? I'm curious about that.

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