The Crown Princess



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The storyline of both these lakorns are quite similar.
The FL is a Princess.
ML is entrusted with the duty of protecting her safety.
And so on..
Recommended by indra
Anne & Willy version of The Crown Princess. The story is the same. Worth watching it. Anne plays the Princess Willy is the navy sergeant. They met on an island, he doesn't believe that Anne is a princess , he thinks she's a mental woman but they eventually fall in love.
Recommended by asiandramafan
both FL holding critical position where they are assassin-ed in K2 FL is political leader's daughter has birth secret which cause her trouble ML ex army man who appointed as her bodyguard during this duty he fall in love with her. the crown princess is story of princess who appointed as the crown princess and her journey cause of her position she is target of assassin so a navy officer appointed as her body guard and in end fall in love

Recommended by DrAmAlOvEr
both FL has to marry defense officer to hide their identity and avoid assassinated by bad guy
in Yeut Fah Ha Pigat Ruk FL (dumb FL always make trouble)is researcher of cancer vaccination project NADIA ML is air force officer who appointed as her bodyguard and fake husband. as well as in The Crown Princess FL(strong FL) is heir of crown of hyrosis island and ML is navy officer and fake husband of her

as comparison to the crown princess , yeut fah ha pigat ruk leads are childish (bickering)
Recommended by DrAmAlOvEr
Both stories involve a crown heir escaping to Thailand and disguising themselves as a commoner to survive. In Thailand, they learn to experience an ordinary life and fall in love.
Recommended by Misunderst0_od
- bodyguard that falls in love with royalty
- forbidden love
- duty over love
- cute main couple
- takes the leads a while to finally become a couple
- female lead is being forced to marry a prince
Recommended by Asing