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Medical Examiner Dr. Qin



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Medical Examiner Dr. Qin (2016)

> Male lead is extremely talented in his field of work.
> Both male lead's are related to the crime and investigation side of world fields.
> Both female leads are also in this field of work.
> Both female leads are assistants/ partners of the main leads.
> Both male leads have the main plot revolve around them, with a deadly past of their own.
> Both dramas have a happy ending.
Recommended by Soju
> Both Chinese crime dramas with an episodic case-by-case format that ends up all being connected.
> Quite short dramas in terms of Chinese dramas.
> Well-paced and plot moves forward quickly.
> Female lead is a talented newbie who is assigned to male lead.
> Cute moments between male/female lead but not too romance focused.
> More action in When a Snail Falls in Love compared to Dr. Qin.
Recommended by darcy
- The male leads have a dark past and the main plot revolves around them.
- The female leads are both their juniors who joins the team.
- Both series focuses on homicide cases
Recommended by chocolava
-The male lead in both dramas are cold and experienced in their line of work.
- The female lead is a newbie or in case of Dr. Frost a student.
- They are not investigators but they help the police.
- Dr. Frost focuses on the psychological aspect while Dr. Qin leans towards the forensics
- The main plot of the story focuses on the life of the main leads and they both have dark pasts.
- Both dramas have interesting crimes :)
Recommended by chocolava
Both have mini episodes of crimes but Evil Minds will mess with you more...wayyy more. Evil Minds is more psychologically disturbing...
Both have overarching themes that tie together but Evil Minds is WAYYY more intense and messed up but it's still really good all the same.
Recommended by Jiongnan
Both medical examiner drama but God's Quiz (in my opinion) is WAYYYY more developed and psychologically straining. WATCH ALL 4 SEASONS you will not regret. Similarly starts off with individual crimes with an overarching theme. 10/10 would recommend.
Recommended by Jiongnan
Both are crime show dramas, with a cold and "emotionless" male lead. Difference is that in The Ten Deadly Sins, they are all investigators and not medical examiners. This one is shorter and thus leaves less room for romantic development but that's similar to Dr. Qin.
Recommended by Jiongnan