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In front of my laptop


In front of my laptop


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I'm a bit mad and crazy at times and desperately need a real life ^-^

I'm more of a fan for Taiwan, China and sometimes, Hongkong dramas because I understand Chinese and don't need subtitles for those! I do watch Korea and Japan(rarely) dramas when they get aired here in local TV channels. I'm trying to expand my drama list though, so I'll be hopefully watching more Japan and Korea dramas!

I love watching mainland chinese variety/reality shows.
My favourites include: Go Fighting!, First Grade (all 3 seasons), Diva Hits The Road 2, Real Hero

Here are my some of my favourite dramas!

(Taiwan): Hot Shot, In Time With You, Woody Sambo, Crystal Boys
(Chinese): Legend of Concubine Zhen Huan, Love O2O, Little Lady Diary, Lotus Lantern
(Hongkong): Rosy Business, D.I.E. Again, E.U.
(Japan): LIAR Game, LIMIT, Code Blue II
(Korea): Queen In Hyun's Man, Jewel in the Palace

I do inflate or deflate my ratings because I find certain titles overrated/underrated. Plus, I mostly watch Chinese/Taiwan titles that are less popular which means my ratings will have a bigger impact. After consideration, I decided to be more generous with my scores to affect the rating of a drama positively in order to attract people to watch them. Hence, I might enjoy some of my lower-rated dramas more than my higher-rated dramas.

Generally the rating scheme for dramas (but not movies!) goes like that:

10: Loved it, would rewatch it and negligible flaws OR overwhelming love cover up ALL flaws (Eg. Hot Shot). (Highly recommended)

9.5: Loved it as much as a 10, would rewatch it but there might be one or two (small) issue (eg. length/plot/character etc) that can be improved (Highly recommended)

9: Enjoyed it a lot and would rewatch it. (Highly recommended)

8.5: Loved it as much as a 10 despite its flaws and would rewatch but quality of drama might be lacking so the general public might not enjoy it as much OR Enjoyed it as much as a 9 but would probably not rewatch. In other words, I might like some of the '8.5' dramas more than my '9' dramas. (Recommended)

8: Satisfying watch (Recommended)

7.5: It's a love/hate relationship. This drama really isn't fantastic but I was bewitched and couldn't stop watching anyway. (Average score, Worth a watch if the storyline appeals to you)

7: In between score; either a surprisingly good watch but not as addictive as a '7.5' or a drama that was supposed to be more but did not deliver (Worth a watch but don't expect too much)

6.5: It's not bad but it's not outstanding either.

6: It might have been good... but it's forgettable. I usually rate my 6's when I review my dramalist and can't recall much about that particular drama.

5.5: [Special rating] This is a crazy mess of a drama and I don't know what I was doing watching this but I must have been a mess too. It's my fault as much as the drama's fault and I don't even know. These dramas are not outright bad, they are more of 'crazy wacky weird' and some of them might actually appeal to you. (Watch if you want to shake things up a little and do a bit of crazy stuff or is trapped in a persistent drama slump)

1 - 5: Usually overrated drama that had at least one major flaw (too annoying/repetitive etc) which I will always remember. Either that, or that it was simply bad.

0: Dramas which I didn't watch or only watched partially but read recaps for. This is for my own records and you can ignore it :)

I'm actually pretty shy about posting in forums but I love having people to discuss about dramas and all so do add me, especially if you are into Taiwan/Chinese dramas! :-)

Cya around ^-^


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