The Last Recipe



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Cute Gnome
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Jun 18, 2018
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Overall 9.0
Story 10
Acting/Cast 8.0
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 9.0
(RATING: 7.5/10)
The actors and actresses somehow did well. You cannot really appreciate the acting because what really makes this movie wonderful was the story. There's is no such scene were you can say that his or her acting skills was superb because the scenes just require a moderate acting.

(RATING: 9.5/10)
The film was perfectly done. Settings, costumes, camera ???? angles were spotless. I don't know why but I do really love stories which involves history or the past. Maybe I just recognise the idea that the past contains lessons and wonderful stories. For the music ????, well I was not really able to observe the music or the background music because I got carried away with the story. Honestly speaking this movie does not require a perfect music anymore because simply telling the story was enough.

(RATING: 20/10)
I am very generous if I know that the one who will receive it deserves it. Praises to the man who wrote this JAW DROPPING AND AMAZING story. This movie is just one of those movie who will let you appreciate many things in life for a span of not more than 2 hours. All you need to do is just to sit and watch it at your heart's ???? content. The way the story was narrated, how it was planned, the sequence of the story and the twist in the end were properly in place. This is the main reason why this movie was a wonderful one.

1. There's a story behind everything. Whether that thing is a dish, a recipe, a person, or just an ordinary thing.
2. Sometimes what's really important to us are within our reach.
3. Seeing it and feeling it are two different fishes ????.

I will give a rating of 9/10 for this movie. If asked if I am going to recommend this movie, well I've already recommended this to my friends and I will recommend it to you too. By the way the dishes in this movie are really mouth watery.

Story / Behind / Everything

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