Because of You



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It's the same plot line, and everything just the Chinese version
Recommended by GudyTang
Long lost granddaughter found by her grandparent and she apparently seem to be a princess, while BoY (chinese remake of come jang bo ri) the girl gets left behind, loses her memories and gets sort of 'replaced' in her own family by the daughter of the woman that took her in.
Recommended by izsua
both have a missing daughter theme and they missing daughters end up with their lovers they both have a complicated past with an accident that resulted to the lost daughters
Recommended by Lively Persimmon
Kind female lead who doesn't get along with the main guy at first; they meet again years later.
Recommended by hanjimin
Similar switching of daughters of an influential family with a mountain of lies to cover up the truth.
Recommended by Meg
They both have about the same plot line. The main characters get their rich life switch with someone else. Resulting in them growing up without money and other things. Both get mistreated by the person that switched their lives. And the main character finds there true self and making their way back into their original families.
but through hardship. They are alot of recommendations for this but just gave the one I just finished.
Recommended by TyquonJackson
Although Because of you also known as because of meeting you is a Chinese drama, they have some similar plots. Just like Anna was lost as a young child, guo guo was also lost as a young child. Guo Guo's 'sister' found out about who guo guo is and hid it to try to keep her relationship with Guo Guo's rich family and her husband. Saewa also hides the truth about Anna to keep them from finding their family and claim the wealth that belongs to them. She wanted it for herself.
Recommended by pipeloluwa
Both of the main actors in Because of You also acted together in 15 Years to wait for Migratory Birds
Recommended by asianfranticshows
Because of you features the embroidery business, where Her Legend is the fine art of Hand Bags. A cruel relative switches places with female lead when she is to be adopted by a generous and kind woman. Female lead's talent, and positivity help her to rise up in her designs for bags but also to find the lady who was to be her adoptive mother.
Recommended by HappySqueak
1. Selfish mothers.
2. Selfish daughters that covets what others have.
3. Gullible rich parents.
4. Both were heiresses to fashion industry.
Recommended by Kae
Both dramas have a similar plot with differences. Both have an adopted daughter, they try to move on with their lives but the past is blocking their way.
Recommended by asianfranticshows
It has the same male lead. This show is what made me like this actor. Instead of flowers this is about embroidery. This show is like a rollercoaster just like Sweet Dreams, so many twist and turns. So the male lead from sweet dreams character in this show is good, and I like how he fights for his girlfriend. It's really good. The only thing you might not like is that the female lead starts getting a backbone near the end.
Recommended by Orbit
Both have a delusional sister in law and I do find some other similarities like the second lead female blaming everyone except herself....
Recommended by Medja