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It's the same character, it's the first season of "The Journey".
Recommended by Jenny
Similar in: vampires stories, predestined love, love story over centuries, modern setting with fantastic creatures.
Recommended by thesunsetlimited
There is time traveling to the past. The female protagonist has a past life and she considered to be odd/unique to those she meets in historical eras since she comes from the future.
Recommended by Marlene Reyes
Female lead travel through time.
I watched Rule the World and couldn’t fill the void after watching it. Found The Journey by accident, completely fell in love with it.
Recommended by GiaGia
The female protagonist time travels to the past. However, this is part of her job as she is sent on "missions" to certain historic eras, so the drama overall does not become boring. The protagonist is also considered to be odd/unique to those she meets in the past since she is from the future. She also has a past life and there is a underlying secret to her life.
Recommended by Marlene Reyes
The two female leads time travel into the past, they have fun.
The male leadsls deeply fall for the girls.
Recommended by cheronsa
You can find there the same kind of sweet chinese humor. Both dramas have a lot of magic and romance.
Recommended by KrasnaBabinka
This is the first season of this drama and both has similar story setting:- a strong-headed heroine (definitely not the damsel-in-distress sort) who had lost her memories of her childhood friend being trapped in an endless cycle of going in and out of different stories where each time she will meet the same guy (playing the male lead) and they will both fall for each other but get separated once her mission for each story is completed. The male lead ended up going from one story to another in the hopes of meeting her again. In the end, they will meet in real life and the back-story on what happened to them will reveal itself but that's something to look froward to in Season 2. This is similar to The Journey with the only difference is in The Journey, the female lead had to complete missions through different historical periods (time-traveling) while the male lead(s) searched for her through time. If you liked The Journey, you'll love The Story of Souls from Endless Books.
Recommended by Aryael