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Introverted Boss Episode 2

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Brain PR holds a press conference and promises drastic changes after a news story goes viral. Ro Woon is further convinced that Hwan Ki is hiding something. (Source: DramaFever)

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  • Aired: January 17, 2017

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Introverted Boss Episode 2 Reviews

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Mar 20, 2017

Is There A Character To Like Here?

I'm gonna be honest, even pretty or good-looking doesn't make me even want to like or understand any of the characters here. The whole setup is loathsome and irritating. If it wasn't for the few 30 second cute scenes from later episodes, I think I'd be dropping this here and moving on. I'm cringing watching this and want to FFWD but it's at the beginning so if I do that, I won't understand a damn thing that's going on... so I'm actually playing games of HearthStone in the background, since of have dual monitors just to get through this and praying it does actually get better and the short cute scenes are worth running through the rest of this crap. Right now, there isn't ONE character, not ONE that I even like at all for any reason, nor am I sympathetic or empathetic, although Hwan Ki's character is probably the one I feel the most sorry for...because of his father...but his weaknesses are so annoying, I just want to send him to a small island so he can be with himself and calm the f down. *sigh*

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