Introverted Boss



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Both dramas are about a CEO of a company who has difficulties of talking in public because they have different personalities. The girls are more extroverted and they get involved because of workplace.
Recommended by userbmc
8.0 Jugglers (2017)
Cold, cool, social-awkward boss with a typical cheerful girl. I think Jugglers and Introverted Boss have a lot of things in common like how the girl (Baek Jin-hee) tries to help her boss and slowly fall for him. I think anyone who likes Introverted Boss should give it a try, because it is a very good drama.
Recommended by alynabila
Same lead actor, director, and writer. Both have really similar vibes.
Recommended by MiraiArtx
Having Yeo Woo Jin as a lead made me remember about Ordinary Love, where I first encounter Woo Jin's appearance. Somehow, episodes 14-15 of Introverted Boss was similar to entire story of Ordinary Love. Falling in love with someone you can't be together due to family issues..
Recommended by Dia
Both are about office life. There is no one-note villain who does all the bad things; instead both shows are filled with characters who are inherently good that somehow wind up in bad situations and try to make the best of it.
Recommended by Charlotte
The main characters are awkward human beings that suffer from social fobia or are just introverts.
Recommended by Loving_Roots
Both of the main male leads have health problems, to be exact, they can't communicate with other people properly. And the lead actress comes in to save the lonely prince with love and genuine feelings.
Recommended by hardpliers
These dramas both explore the uncommon drama territory of social-phobic chaebols who have a bossy, fiery team member that tests their boundaries as well as a competitive, ambitious male frenemy in their company. Similar plot devices and characters, yet differing execution so you can watch both without experiencing to much deja vu.
Recommended by pigtails4ever
Even though both dramas contain different characters and different storylines, I find that the romance between them give off a similar vibe, as well as the main leads.
Recommended by chloe
while the IB has the male lead as the introvert character, HTH has the female lead as the introvert character, overall they're both good series
Recommended by Vanesha888
Both dramas are amazing you must watch it to get a get laugh and sweetness of romance. They both have strong female lead characters and they are slightly different with story line.
Recommended by Moka
Both the leads (Male lead in Introverted Boss and female lead in Flower Boy Next Door ) are introverts! But the cheerful partners of theirs help them in regaining their social positions.
Recommended by ArikaWoopie
8.5 Secret (2013)
There are many similarities. In short I think my shy boss is the light hearted and fluffy version of secret.

The female lead in secret reminds me of the male lead in shy boss. Without revealing too much they both made similar sacrifices.

The male lead in secret also reminds me of the female lead in shy boss where they both similarly fell in love with the other lead in the same way.

Sorry that it was really long and vague. I didn't want to spoil anything. But I both highly recommend both!
Recommended by leila
Both deal with Male Lead Characters who have difficulties expressing themselves and seem to be drawn to an overly expressive Female Lead Character. The way they meet is also similar: comedic (only) at the surface. Both Introverted Boss and Another Miss Oh's stories revolve around big misunderstandings.
Recommended by SaraLourenco
They are both office romance dramas.

Leads do have some kind of a connection from the past in both dramas (even tho it's a different type of connection... hm... no spoilers~)

Both are light hearted and cute~

Female lead is that kind of cheerful, cute, a little annoying girl (I didn't like the female lead in Introverted boss but i liked the one in She was pretty)

The male leads... Well, they aren't really similar in any way i think but they still remind me of each other idk why XD
Recommended by SeoInGukBAE