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While Sam Soon doesn't involve a girl pretending to be guy, they both share a down to earth feel and a similar tone in story telling. Perhaps it's because they are both older dramas. Also, both series have an amazing cast of actors.
Recommended by Danni
Both are feel good rom com dramas that are fluffy and enjoyable. Both also features not the usual cookie cutter female character as its leads.
Recommended by couchpotato_md
Both dramas are fluffy rom-com. Both dramas involve an older female lead who both suffer dating and marriage deadline woes. Both involve handsome and adorable younger male leads.

Both dramas also tackles leads being bitter because they were left behind by former lovers without reasonable explanations. It depicts how this new love interest had drawn them out of their bitterness.
Also both dramas showed that first love is not cast in stone and eventually changes or disappears when out of sight or not nurtured. One's heart can change over time and choose another person. First Love may not be the best love that will come your way.
Recommended by couchpotato_md
both are rom com although wild romance had an added mystery component to its story.
If you are already tired of the cinderella transformation of female leads in almost every drama with the mandatory make-over scenes, then these dramas are for you.
Both dramas shows that the female leads need not change her appearance to catch the guy. They'll be love just the way they are.
Recommended by couchpotato_md
The series have leading ladies that are not-so slim and both are carieer women that are not afraid to not be not-so-elegant, speak out for themself. They catch their mates cheating on them with other ladies. Both meet afterwards because of an incident a more atractive male towards whom they start developing feelings. Both have obnoxious, but very slim ladies as rivals.
Recommended by Loving_Roots
'Fated to Love You' is almost Sam Soon-esque in its premise of over-looked girl in society meets rich chaebol guy and through a series of coincidences both fall in love, but not without a lot of hilarious hijinks, misunderstandings and separations.

Both are oldies but goodies so be prepared for dated production values (camera-work and film quality aren't as good as your dramas these days), but both are great heart-warming romantic comedies which balance relationship progression and laughs well.
Recommended by MusicalVeggies
both of these dramas tell about a love story between an older woman and a younger man started with a love contract.
Recommended by eowyn
Cooking and falling in love. The atmosphere is similar but Kim Sam Soon is better and more complex. You could say that one is on the serious side while the other stays cute.

Panda and the Hedgehog is a sweet rainy day series. If I have to say something good about it..even if you don't think the main pair has chemistry..you will be giddy about the bromance.
Recommended by claudya87
The plot is the same.
First male-female lead have a problem with love because of painful past love. The male lead's ex-gf left him without any explanation. The female lead's ex-bf left her because of his affair.

The female lead has problem with her name and want to change it to, accidentaly, a same name like the male lead's ex-gf. The male lead has miserable memory because someone that he respected the most (in this drama his hyung) died - and in his perception - because of him.

Then the conflict begin. the exes from both side return and pick on the leads' present moment. The male lead become indecisive between her ex and currently gf. The changing-name problem and so on..

The side story too. There is a story about female lead's eonni that has crushed with female lead's chef chief at work (female lead is pâtissier in the male lead's restaurant).

But I like My Name is Kim Sam Soon much..much..much more than AMO. Besides I watch this drama with this kind of plot first before AMO, it gives a good, healthy, hillarious, entertaining, witty comedy scenes and better story development for me.
Recommended by tomodachi
relates to the baking aspect of the movie.
Recommended by miretee
The comedy in these dramas is similar and the way female leads act is also similar. Both are great dramas that no one should miss.
Recommended by HAVA-RAVA
both dramas involve a dating contract that turns into a real relationship & both also showcase family owned food businesses.
Recommended by tlkdrama2me
they are both about an older women trying to get there lives together but find love on the way.
Recommended by dreamer
7.7 Pasta (2010)
In both dramas they deal with food and romance.
Recommended by smilexbabex33
Same lead heroine, same gutsy approach to the world more or less - except that our lady in Scent of a Woman starts to forge her own path once she's been told she has six months to live. It is sweet and poignant and may be more tear-inducing than Sam Soon, but still worth it in my opinion.
Recommended by Kaye