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My Lovely Sam Soon Episode 1

8.7/10 from 19 users
Jun 01, 2005
On Christmas Eve, Sam-soon finds her boyfriend cheating on her in the same hotel Jin-heon is on a blind date. He sees Sam-soon, he decides to finish the date, then he goes to the restroom… read more

My Lovely Sam Soon Episode 2

9.4/10 from 17 users
Jun 02, 2005
Sam-soon gets a job at Jin-heon?s restaurant,Hee-jin is on airplane coming back to Kore after 3 years.on her cell phone There is a picture of her and Jin-heon. She wants to meet him… read more

My Lovely Sam Soon Episode 3

9.1/10 from 14 users
Jun 07, 2005
Jin-heon asks samsoon to pretend to be his girlfriend in front of his mother,samsoonn's ex-boyfriend comes to to Bon Appetit for a cake for his engagement party.she feels awkward about… read more

My Lovely Sam Soon Episode 4

9.0/10 from 13 users
Jun 09, 2005
Everyone believes that Jin-heon and Sam-soon are dating. Jin-heon wants to celebrates their 100-day anniversary.Sam-soon is confused.They go out for dinner.There, they run into her… read more

My Lovely Sam Soon Episode 5

9.3/10 from 12 users
Jun 15, 2005
Sam-soon takes Jin-heon who is completely drunk to his apartment.he doesn?t let Sam-soon leave.Sam-soon spends the night there. Early in the morning,Hee-jin comes to Jin-heon?s apartment.Hee-jin… read more

My Lovely Sam Soon Episode 6

9.2/10 from 12 users
Jun 16, 2005
Hyun-woo, who left Sam-soon saying his love for her cooled, asks her to make a cake for his and Chae-ri's engagement. Sam-soon, feeling angry, buys hot peppers to put in the cake,… read more

My Lovely Sam Soon Episode 7

9.0/10 from 14 users
Jun 22, 2005
At the Jeju Hotel opening banquet, Jin-heon looks fiercely at Hyun-woo when he approaches Sam-soon to talk. Hyun-woo presents Sam-soon with a gift, telling her to cut things off with… read more

My Lovely Sam Soon Episode 8

9.3/10 from 11 users
Jun 23, 2005
Once back from Jeju Island, Sam-soon worries as Jin-heon neither shows up for work nor calls. Sam-soon sleeps fitfully, holding her phone tightly and waiting for a message. (Source:… read more

My Lovely Sam Soon Episode 9

9.3/10 from 10 users
Jun 29, 2005
Chairwoman Na decides to use Sam-soon to separate Hee-jin from Jin-heon. He is surprised when Sam-soon shows up with his mother at a memorial service for his brother and sister-in-law.… read more

My Lovely Sam Soon Episode 10

9.1/10 from 10 users
Jun 30, 2005
About to leave work, Jin-heon stops at Sam-soon's baking area, which looks empty without her. Thinking of Sam-soon and smiling, he begins to try to tempt her back with a raise. (Source:… read more

My Lovely Sam Soon Episode 11

9.0/10 from 14 users
Jul 06, 2005
Sam-soon is speechless as Jin-heon and Min-woo break into a fistfight. Jin-heon grabs Sam-soon, telling her not to go, but she firmly shakes him off. (Source: Kocowa)

My Lovely Sam Soon Episode 12

9.1/10 from 9 users
Jul 07, 2005
Jin-heon grabs Sam-soon and hugs her, saying he can't stop thinking about her. Sam-soon cries happily like a child, as Jin-heon holds her tightly. (Source: Kocowa)

My Lovely Sam Soon Episode 13

9.1/10 from 9 users
Jul 13, 2005
Sam-soon sees Jin-heon on Jeju Island. Jin-heon tells her not to be surprised and proposes they write a new contract, to "pretend to date for a hundred years." Sam-soon scoffs at Jin-heon's… read more

My Lovely Sam Soon Episode 14

9.4/10 from 9 users
Jul 14, 2005
Hee-jin tries to be cold, but hits Jin-heon in her sadness and anger. Jin-heon doesn't resist, but holds her tightly and cries. Chairwoman Na, who has learned of his contract dating,… read more

My Lovely Sam Soon Episode 15

9.2/10 from 9 users
Jul 20, 2005
Sam-soon is flustered when Jin-heon and Hee-jin step out of the elevator together. Pushing aside Jin-heon who tries to clear the misunderstanding, Sam-soon tells him it feels the three… read more

My Lovely Sam Soon Episode 16

9.3/10 from 9 users
Jul 21, 2005
After two months without news from Jin-heon who said he would return from America in a week, Sam-soon is angry at him for not contacting her. She wanted to love as if she had never… read more