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May 24, 2017

I'm In!

Strangely, I don't really know what's going on yet, but I'm very excited to continue on the ride.

Part 1:
What a start. Do aliens exist and what constitutes evidence of their existence if they do?
Very intriguing story. I feel like I knew as much as Woo Jin and was trying to figure it all out along with him. I immediately felt for him and his struggles with just one look at his eyes. Bum Gyun was also a heartbreaker. Just because the world thinks you're crazy does't mean you can't be right once in a while.
Thus far, this show is very well produced, fast paced, well acted and has and interesting story with great direction.

Part 2:
A bit of a jolt from storyline A to B, but as it progressed, the future connection became clearer. (I didn't have any idea what the show was about before watching, so went into it blind with zero expectations.) The tone is different, which was a bold choice, but appropriately distinguishes the change in setting and time from Part 1. This story seemed to move even faster than in Part 1 and kept me engaged from start to finish. Again, great actors, settings, pacing, cinematography, direction and story. I'm not too keen on the music just yet, since it seemed somewhat out of place, but it'll probably grow on me since it's part of the wackiness of the future, I guess.

Great start. I hope the remaining episodes live up to the pilot.

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