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Both drama stars Gong Seung Yeon. "Circle" presents an alien and "Are You Human Too" presents robot. Other similarities include a more serious approach to sci-fi which is very unique to Kdramas and the cloning subject.
Recommended by Orangekitty
8.7 W (2016)
For starters both are amazing dramas in their own way and I LOVED both these dramas!

~ Tons of plot twists
~ Keeps you on the edge of your seat
~ Fantastic acting
~ Fast-paced
~ Always something happening in each episode
~ Lots of secrets that get revealed

~ W is more romance-driven whereas Circle has minimal romance
~ Circle is more sci-fi/dystopian whereas W deals more with the webtoon/cartoon realm and the idea of two separate dimensions
Recommended by Sandrine
About sibling bonds and never giving up, both dramas try to explore the more darker side of the human nature. Circle is heavy on the scifi with an array of never ending plot twists while I remember you has a bit of the more typical crime/mystery flare within the rom-com genre, though with its own fair share of twists and turns.
Recommended by ayacherry
Yeo Jin Goo plays the main male lead in both.
Both have a mystery and supernatural elements.
Similiar in a sense that both drama's have two parts in them.
Circle has part 1 Beta Project set in 2017 and part 2 Grand New World set in 2037.
Reunited Words has parts in the past in 2005 and parts in 2017, however not in a set sequence like Circle.
Recommended by Halsyeon
While the stories have NOTHING in common, the shows remind me of each other because they both had low budgets and yet they have been among the best I have seen.. They knew how to direct their stories to keep the audience captivated.
Recommended by missraichyl
Both have crime, mystery and a dash of scifi, even though circle is a bit more heavy on the scifi and quite more fast paced. Both dramas are also about people struggling against corrupt/underground organizations planning to make the world a "better" place.
Recommended by ayacherry
Both Mistress and Circle have mystery and always leave you wondering what's next. Both have parts of the future and past shown before the conclusion. The characters are good and well-developed, smart and sharp. They work together and have interesting and great relationships.
Recommended by yinzdd12
This drama has a very similar feel to Circle. They both feature scifi, suspense, mystery, with a bit of romance.
Recommended by Carla McKnight
Both deal with the idea of clones. Both are extremely dark and messed up. I would say Duel is more messed up but the sadness aspect is the same in Circle. Both star leading actors you'll fall in love with.
Recommended by Psychosinner
Both dramas are of supernatural genre, connecting two time -present and past - to solve cases, revealing missing connections between different ppl. Both dramas have badass female leads. Worth watching. Fighting.
Recommended by AngelRu
Both have an element of mystery and tell an engaging story through the use of two different but interrelated time periods.
Recommended by KittyAnn
The genres of both the dramas are same :
- Sci-fi
Though the plots of both the dramas are totally different .
But while Circle has a Human B system , Simple Man has a Devil software which influences people's lives .
Recommended by SanjuktaRay
While Chicago Typewriter is more historical fiction and Circle is sci-fi, both shows present two stories in one (in Chicago Typewriter it is past and present day, while Circle is present day and future).
In both shows, there is a mystery that happened in the past that the future is trying to figure out. And in both, the viewer is (for the most part) unsure what exactly happened in the past, and everybody's role in it, until it gets revealed.
They both also play with memories.

However, they are still different as they are in different genres and there is a larger time gap in Chicago Typewriter than in Circle. The sequences are not as ordered in Chicago Typewriter as they are in Circle, however the transitions are incredibly smooth.

- I really liked both the female leads
- Great acting
- The bromances ^.^
Recommended by Trinah101