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Both dramas have the body-swap/body possession supernatural concept. The characters try to approach people around their original lives, but as they are in another body, those people don't recognise them and they get ridiculed for being weird or having mental problems.
Recommended by kha
Both dramas have the body-swap/body possession concept.
The original character found a clue that lead them to solve the mystery/case but before they were able to reveal it, they had an accident which caused them to die/their body to be possessed by someone else. The characters that possess the body aim to use their new identity as a detective to get away with certain things such as handling a gun, or accessing police data.
Recommended by kha
A Ghost and a detective investigate a murder case that has a connection to them both.
The Ghost Detective focuses more on the ghost world while Two Cops leaves it a mystery.
Even though The Ghost Detective seems a bit darker both dramas have comedy.
Both have a little of ghost romance as well :)
Recommended by Kristana
Both are based on finding out about the corruption within the police force which was interesting. Local Hero focused more on spying and secret agents whereas Two Cops blends the use of conmans and cops working together to achieve a greater goal.
Recommended by hobiwankanobi
- Same male lead.
- In Two Cops male lead goes through a change of spirit; in Oh My Ghostess the female
lead's spirit keeps changing.
- The spirit needs to solve a murder case.
Recommended by Sanya Gupta