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I was introduced to my first kdrama by my older sister in 2014! You're Beautiful is the first kdrama I've ever watched and then I saw Flower Boy Next Door, Heartstrings, and Rooftop Prince. I also saw The Snow Queen pretty early on. 

Random stuff about me: I prefer watching one kdrama at a time as I enjoy a drama more if I give it my full attention. When I watch a drama I truly try to give it a chance before I jump to judging whether it's good or not.  I hate dropping dramas but if I'm more than half way through and I'm still not enjoying it then I'm probably not gonna force myself to finish it.  I also can't stand when people give dramas super low ratings just because they didn't like a drama like rating a drama a 3 is crazy.  I like to think I'm a good judge of what's quality but I know everyone has their own opinions. But obviously I love when others like my favorite dramas.^^

The genres that I prefer would be romance and comedy. I love romances the most though so there's only a slim chance of me watching a drama if there's no romance tag but other than that I'm not too picky when it comes to genres. Pretty sure School 2013 is the only kdrama I've ever watched with no romance.

My first kdrama ever was You're Beautiful and it will always have a special place in my heart. <3  It's such a cute drama and it made me both laugh and cry.

                  Image result for you're beautiful kdrama gif

Shin Woo was my first kdrama crush. I love Yonghwa and he played his character in this 

drama very well.  My heart hurt so much for Shin Woo.  What a bae ;) 

Image result for shinwoo you're beautiful gif

I wanted to scream so hard during this part!

Shin Woo definitely gave me second lead syndrome.

Image result for you're beautiful kdrama memes

Seriously though ;)

Currently Watching

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okay sorry but look at that face

My Favorite Kdrama Actors

They're so talented and they are able to portray every emotion so naturally.  The role's I've seen them in they've slayed and I'm pretty much obsessed with them.^^ 

Lee Jong Suk

Image result for lee jong suk

That smile though...

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What a cutie ;P

Jo Jung Suk

Image result for jo jung suk gif

Kang Chefffff^^

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Love love love him with glasses like omg could you be any cuter!!! I'm dead. <3

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He's totally adorable when he makes a fool out of himself XD

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It's okay Hwa Shin, I'll make you feel better!^^

Eric Mun

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Baaeeee <3 <3

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chomp chomp^^

Favorite Kdrama Actresses

I'm a lot pickier when it comes to kdrama actresses but these ladies I love. I find them to be very likable and their acting has made a deep impression on me in some way.

Gong Hyo Jin

Image result for gong hyo jin gif

Image result for gong hyo jin gif

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Park Shin Hye

Image result for park shin hye gif

Image result for park shin hye gif

Park Bo Young

Image result for park bo young gif

Image result for park bo young gif oh my ghost

Some of My Favorite Kdramas

I love each of these dramas so much!  I enjoyed them all immensely and each one has impacted me greatly in some way.  The acting in each one is incredibly moving and realistic.  While watching these dramas I felt deep emotion; from tears and laughter, to excitement and anger. I would strongly encourage you to give these ones a chance or feel free to ask me why I like them.^^ 


korean drama GIF

Image result for pinocchio kdrama gif     

Oh My Ghost

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Love how adorable the last episode is^^

                                                                                               I Can Hear Your Voice                                                                                           

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                                                                                     Another Oh Hae Young                                                                                         

Image result for another miss oh gif

Image result for another oh hae young gif

You're the Best Lee Soon Shin


His face... ugh so cute!


                                                                                                      Coffee Prince                                                                                                      

Image result for coffee prince gif

Image result for coffee prince gif

                      The feels I got from this drama omg don't even get me started.                              

                                                                                                 Jealousy Incarnate                                                                                                  

Image result for jealousy incarnate gif

Image result for jealousy incarnate gif                     

  I love that he can dance :D         

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Legit one of the funniest kdramas I've watched.

   Kdrama Quotes <3

"Do not worry too much. It is not like you know everything about today because you lived yesterday." - Because This Is My First Life

"In life, having one love is more than enough..." - Because This Is My First Life

"We often misunderstand others. We can't say we get how others feel. Instead, you have to say, I can't understand what I say either. You have to say that. If we don't try hard, we won't understand each other." - Because This Is My First Life

"The truth may be hard to accept. But if we don't embrace it, we'd be living in lies. What you see may not be what things actually are. It may be hard to accept that fact, but even uncomfortable truths must be embraced..." - Reply 1997

"We all go crazy once in a while, it's alright." - It's Okay, That's Love

"We still have to trust someone. In fifty people that you trust, one will back-stab you. Don't live your life doubting the other forty-nine just because of that one person." - Healer

"You have to be strong to be able to act strong." - Oh My Ghostess

"My point is that we should all try to live happily. Life can be shorter than expected. Every single day is very, scarily valuable." - Oh My Ghostess

"You should do your best to to love while you're still alive. Not just others, but yourself as well." - Oh My Ghostess

"Even if it's a close friend, you have to speak up if you're hurting. If you don't like something, say you don't like it. If something's not right, say it's not right. That way, they won't treat you carelessly the next time." - Who Are You: School 2015

"People's hearts aren't like a calender, changing just because time has passed." - Jealousy Incarnate

"Anyone can love, but not everyone can maintain that love." - Jealousy Incarnate

"You did well, all this time." - Jealousy Incarnate

"Evil hides in the ordinary. At times even the most cruel people can wear the face of an angel." - I Remember You

"When a dog is heard barking then other dogs in the neighborhood start to bark along without even knowing the reason." - Pinocchio

"...the truth is ten times more comforting than a lie." - Pinocchio

"Just promise me, you won't hate someone enough to ruin your life. Once a person is born in this world, the life is not even long enough to love each other, right?" - I Hear Your Voice

"Whether it be the world or a relationship, what makes it more peaceful is more often the lies, rather than the truth. Lies temporarily mend a conflict, put anxiety to sleep.... Telling the truth is always more painful. That's why, people close their eyes in front of the truth." - I Hear Your Voice

"I refuse to die with regrets. I will go all the way, wherever my heart takes me." - Another Oh Hae Young

"When it comes to love there is no embarrassment." - Another Oh Hae Young

"Let's live somehow. Even if you're torn to pieces, just live." - Another Oh Hae Young

"At least once in your life, there will be a moment when you want to die. It isn't wrong to think that you want to die, but it is a great thing to endure it and overcome your desire to die." - School 2013

"Don't compete with the past. Expect great things for your future and your present self." - Master's Sun

"Life isn't long enough, for people to mature." - My Love From the Star

"In life, you need to strike a blow from time to time..." - You're the Best Lee Soon Shin

     Also, I'm into Kpop and my favorite group is Got7!!

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My bias <3 Jinyoung

Image result for jinyoung got7 gif

What a sweetie!


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